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When must an aircraft be equipped with an operable transponder with
mode C altitude reporting capability?

At and above 10,000 feet MSL excluding airspace at and below
2,500 ft AGL and in class A B and C airspace


What must be done is Mode C fails above 10,000 ft MSL?

Advise a manager and coordinate with the next sector.


What is a Mode?

The letter or number assigned to a specific pulse spacing of
radio signals transmitted or received by ground interrogator or
airborne transponder components of the ATC Radar Beacon


What is the application of Mode 3/A, Mode C, and Mode S?

• Mode 3/A- military and ATC common use (used by ATC for target
tracking and identification)
• Mode C- civil use (ATC altitude reporting)
• Mode S- traffic alert and collision avoidance system TCAS


Assign beacon codes to Mode __ equipped aircraft only.



What is a discrete code?

Beacon code that does not end in 00


Give first preference to ____ codes.

Discrete codes- issue computer-assigned codes (may be
modified as required) and make handoffs on the computerassigned


What is a non-discrete code?

Beacon codes which end in 00


What is NBCAP Airspace?

The airspace over the US territory located within the north
American continent between Canada and Mexico, including
adjacent territorial waters outward to abut boundaries of oceanic
control areas/flight information regions


Each ARTCC is allocated…?

discrete codes


What are the primary goals of the NBCAP?

Minimize code changes and retain same code from departure to


When can you request a code change?

Only when the aircraft is in your area of responsibility unless
specified in an LOA, coordinated at the time of the handoff, or
VFR aircraft requests radar service (coordinate ASAP after the
aircraft is identified and prior to issuing control instruction or
providing a service other than a safety/traffic advisory) this
prevents inaccurate radar tracking


What advantages does a discrete beacon code assignment provide
the controller?

It allows the system to automatically recognize or identify the
aircraft assigned that code


What is the emergency squawk code?

Assign a code of 7700 is a pilot declares an emergency and is
not radar-identified (EMRG blinks in the data block)


When can you request an aircraft to change from 7700 to the
appropriate discrete or function code? And what is the exception to
this rule?

• After radio and radar contact are established. The code change
will signify to other radar facilities that the emergency aircraft is
identified and under ATC control.
• Do not request a code change from a single piloted helicopter or
single piloted turbojet aircraft.


What is the code for radio failure and what blinks in the data block?

7600 and RDOF


What are lost communication procedures?

• Use all appropriate means to reestablish communication such
as; emergency frequencies, voice capability equipped NAVAIDS,
FSS, Aeronautical Radio Inc.
• Use transponder or turns to verify receipt of transmissions.


What two types of aircraft continue on the emergency code even after
radio and radar contact have been established?

single piloted helicopter or single piloted turbojet aircraft


When do you issue a code of 1200 to VFR aircraft?

When not working an ATC facility, IFR aircraft cancels IFR flight
plan and does not request radar advisories, radar services being


What must be done when an aircraft changes from VFR to IFR?

Ensure Mode C aircraft are assigned a beacon code to allow
Terrain Alert Volume alarms


When do you issue a computer assigned code to a VFR aircraft?

when they are receiving radar advisories


What might VFR aircraft not in contact with ATC facilities squawk?

• 1255- while en route to/from/within designated fire fighting areas
• 1277- while on search and rescue missions from US air force
and US cost guard while en route to/from/within designated
search areas


What codes show up as VFR aircraft on terminal radar equipment?

• All 1200 series codes both discrete and non-discrete


The radar team shall continuously monitor what Mode 3/A radar
beacon codes assigned from use by aircraft within your area of

• 1200- VFR (unless your area is only class A airspace)
• 1255- Fire fighting aircraft
• 1277- SAR aircraft
• 4000- Fast maneuvering military aircraft (at positions of
operation that contain a Restricted or Warning Area and VR
Route within or immediately adjacent to their area of jurisdiction)
• These codes should be entered into the sector code list by the
radar controller


What do you do if an assigned beacon code disappears and
reidentification is not possible?

notify your supervisor


What must be done when an assigned beacon code is not being
displayed or transponder appears to be inoperative/malfunctioning?

Inform the aircraft and coordinate with the next facility


What do you do when you want an aircraft to turn on/off the automatic
altitude reporting on its transponder?

Inform the aircraft (not all aircraft have the capability to
disengage the altitude squawk independently from the beacon
code assignment)


Inaccurate or inoperative mode C May require ___ and/or ___?

May require coordination and/or an equipment suffix update