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Can map symbols be locally adapted?



Map symbols are ____ and _____.

Well-defined and uniform in size and brightness (intensity).


Targets are ____ by the computer.



A target is considered to be paired when…

The computer correlates the predicted position, speed, and
heading with the actual radar return using flight plan information


A target is considered unpaired when…

The computer is not correlating the aircraft with flight plan
information and is using radar data only


Position symbols indicate what?

Position of track and modes of tracking


What is the preferred and most common mode of tracking?

Flat Track


What is a leader line?

Connects the position symbol with the full data block (FDB) and
the length and direction can be selected at the display


What is the velocity vector?

Represents the distance and the direction the aircraft will travel
in selected minutes based on the average of the most recent
radar position updates.
-It is based on the computer generated ground speed and track.


When will a velocity vector be inaccurate?

If the aircraft is in a turn or has recently changed speed


What is meant by “paired” and “unpaired” target symbols?

- Paired-the computer correlates the predicted position, speed,
and heading with the actual radar return using flight plan
• Unpaired- the computer has no stored flight plan information and
issuing radar data only.


Full data blocks may contain what?

Position symbol, up to four lines of alphanumeric data (fourth line
is optional), accent symbol, vector line, and leader line.


When must a full data block be displayed?

When a sector has separation responsibility for an aircraft and a
paired track exists.


Field A consists of…

Eight character positions, the aircraft identification 2-7
alphanumeric (A2 is always a letter)


What does the accent symbol in field A mean?

• When over A2 means the aircraft has entered another sector
without a handoff being made
• When over A3 means the aircraft will not auto hand off


Field B consists of….

Four character positions where B1-B3 contain the assigned
altitude information in hundreds of ft or VFR


Field C consists of…

• Four character positions
• C1-C3 include mode C or controller entered reported altitude,
upper altitude of a block altitude, XXX is mode C is corrupt or
• C4… # for when an aircraft is not responding with mode C and
controller altitude does not equal the single assigned altitude
(altitude information in field C will not automatically update
unless Mode C is reestablished) Also when associated with a
block altitude it means the aircraft is within controller-entered
block altitude
• C4… X for exceptional vertical rate indicator or EVRI (when the
aircraft is climbing/descending at a rate greater than the
computer adapted aircraft performance profile) (the system will
not use this mode C for safety alert processing, the system
reverts to a normal rate that is appropriate for the type aircraft.
This is also true for RA conflict probe). Some conflicts could be missed or displayed late as a result


Does the T go away once an aircraft reaches the interim altitude?

No it does not change to a C because it is an interim altitude


How many feet must an aircraft deviate from its assigned altitude
before the deviation is indicated in position B4 and flied C?

300 ft


What Data block information indicates that mode C is corrupt?

B4 will show an X field C shows XXX


What Data block information indicates that mode C has never been

B4 shows N and field C shows vacant


What does field D consist of?

• Four alphanumeric
• D1- R if you do not have track control
• D2-D4 – contain the CID


What does track control mean?

Allows you to make changes to the aircraft database information


What does field E consist of?

• 5 characters that contain ground speed (displayed if no other
information is displayed and on an equal time sharing basis of
an additional item becomes eligible for display) Not displayed if
more than one item becomes eligible for display
• Special condition information relative to the status of the aircraft
(displayed on an equal time sharing basis and blinks for various
time periods depending on the content)
• E1 character is adapted in some facilities to display a single
letter reflecting aircraft destination


253, 3214

• Squawking Emergency
• Radio Failure
• Attempted handoff of FDB to another facility has failed
• Updated data is not being received
• Mismatch between two facilities track position
• Controller-entered message that indicates the flights position is
not being updated


What is in Field F?

• Variable data field with nine character positions located in the
fourth line of the FDB
• Aircraft Type/Equipment
• Destination
• Heading/Speed/Both
• Free Form text


How do you input heading, speed, and deviations into field F?

• H140, PH, H090/FSM, PH/J43, H310/J80, 320/v187, PH/CHA
• S300, S230+, M78, M80+, M82-
• DW, DR, DS, D10L, D20E, D25R, D10N
• RQ070, RQ130


Do you need to verbally coordinate when using H, PH, S, or D, RQ,

No, may be used with out


When would you be able to omit an H?

• Due to character limitations if it does not result in a


When is the Heading/Speed/Free Form (HSF) Display/Suppress
Indicator displayed?

If the heading, speed, or free form text is displayable (stored)


The fourth line of the data block includes what?

Free form text entered by the controller


What are the different kinds of data blocks and what do they display?

• Alternate Data block- Call sign, Assigned altitude, mode C
altitude, position symbol, leader line, vector line, and displays in
the same intensity as FDB
• Enhanced Limited Data block- call sign, assigned altitude, mode
C, displays at the same intensity as LDB and always appears
east of the target
• Paired Limited Data block- call sign, mode C altitude, displays at
same intensity as ELDB, always appears east of target
• Unpaired Limited Data block- beacon code and mode C if
available for untracked aircraft, displays same intensity as LDB,
always appears east of target, does not show code for VFR just
a V for 1200, only data block that does not contain a call sign,
Mode C Intruder unpaired limited data blocks occur for untracked
aircraft (target symbol is an I)


What does the Next Gen Radar display?

Three levels of precipitation, moderate (purple), heavy
(checkered cyan), Extreme (cyan)