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Rose de Ricey must be made from what grape/grapes? Min ABV?

100% Pinot Noir and 10% min ABV


Please name a classified growth from Graves that is classified for both red and white wines. For just white? For just red?

See classification online


Who makes Vieilles Vignes Francaises? What is it and why is it unique?

Bollinger, it is a tete de cuvee made from ungrafted vines in one vineyard


Where would I find the Patrimonio AOP? What are its wine styles and grapes?

Corsica, it is one of two major AOPs (Ajaccio is the other). Styles are white from 100% Vermentino/ Rose from min 75% Nielluccio plus grenache, Sciaccarello and Vermentino and Rouge from min 90% Sciaccarello with same grapes as rose


Where is the Monopole Clos de Reas? Who owns it?

Vosne Romanee right, just south of La Tache. It is owned by Michel Gros


Chignin-Bergeron is unique for the crus of Savoie, why?

Because it is the only cru in the region for 100% Roussanne.


Name 2 Muscat VDN AOPs of the Languedoc Rousillon?

M de Frontignan/ M de Lunel/ M de Mireval/ Muscat de Saint-Jeane de Minervois


What is the allowed risidual sugar range form extra dry Champagne?

12-17 g/l of RS


Name the village for the following 1re Crus: Les Charmes/ Porusot/ Mareuil-sur-Ay/ Laveaux-St. Jacques

Les Charmes: Chambolle Musigny (Charmes is in Meursault as well) Porusot: Meursault Mareuil-sur-Ay: Vallee de la Marne 99% Laveaux-St. Jacques: Gevrey-Chambertin


Please name 4 villages of the Cotes du Rhone?

See Guild somm list for answers


What is the second label for Ch. Gruard Larose?

Sarget de Larose


Klevener de Heilegenstein is a synonym for what grape?

Savagnin from the Jura


Please name a Muscadet AOP that is not the general Muscadet or Sevre-et-Maine?

Cotes de Grandlieu and Coteaux de la Loire


In which village would I find the La Landonne Vineyard? What grapes can be used to make wines from here?

Ampuis in the Cote Rotie of the N. Rhone. Syrah with up to 20% Viognier


Please give the region and classification for Clos Fourtet?

St. Emilion premiers grand cru classes, classe B


Name 3 VDLs of France

Ratafia in Champagne, Macvin de Jura, Marc de Bourgogne, Floc de Gasgogne in Armagnac, Pineau des Charentes in Cognac,


Commune and classification for Chateau Giscours?

Margaux-Labarde, 3rd Growth


Macle is a famed producer from What region?

He is the most famous producer of Vin Jaune in the Chateau Chalon AOP


The 1re crus of Butteaux and Forets reside within which other 1re cru?

They are within the Montmains 1re cru on the left bank


Name one 1re cru in Champagne that is rated 99 on the echelle de cru rating system

Mareuil-Sur-Ay (Marne) & Tauxieres-Mutry (Riems)


What makes the Rangen de Thann Grand Cru unique in its area?

It is unique because it is basically the only Grand Cru in Alsace that has Volcanic soil and therefore produces wines of great intensity with subtle smokiness


Please give the commune and classification for Ch Latour Blanche?

Sauternes 1re cru from Bommes


If I wanted Gamay Neauveau where could I get it besides Beaujolais?

The Anjou region in Anjou-Saumur area of the Loire Valley


What are the styles allowed and the min ABV for Saumur AOP?

White from 100% Chenin Blanc/ Rouge from Cabernet Franc plus max 30% Cab Sauv and Pineau d'Aunis/ Vin mousseaux blanc and rose. 10.5% min ABV for blanc and rouge, mousseaux is 9.5%


Where would I find the river Cher?

Loire Valley Central Vineyards


Where is Grignan-les-adhemar?

An AOP of the Southern Rhone Valley in the very North


What is the closest AOP to the town of Nice on the French Riviera?

Cotes de provence