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How does breast feeding help IQ

Breast feeding for more than 6 months can increase IQ by 3-6 points


How does lateralisation differ in women

Female brains are more lateralised
Argued against whether this is linked to IQ


What is the difference in brain matter in sexes

Females IQ associated with white matter
Males with grey


What does the bell curve suggest

Intelligence is genetically determined
Racial differences in intelligence might be genetically determined


What other factors does IQ correlate with

Health- low birth weight, illness
Attractiveness- symmetry, more attractive, intelligence is attractive
School performance- 5yr with 7000 children, intelligence correlates at GCSE at 16, intelligence related to maths more than art


What is mediated learning experience

Structured by someone in classroom
Direct learning


What is learning propensity assessment device

Does look like IQ test but looks at changing in learning over a long time


Instrument enrichment

Help child develop learning strategies and approaches for children to learn best
Increasing motivation in 3 one hour sessions a week for 18-2 years


What are the types of motor development

Gross motor development- enable you to get around
Fine motor development- small movements still useful


What is a general motor ability

A single, global ability the basis for all skilled performance
Should be a strong correlation between performance on motor tasks and strong motor ability


What are the two fundamental catergories of ability

Perceptual motor- finger dexterity, aiming, reaction time
Physical proficiency abilities- dynamic strength, balance with visual cues, stamina


What are the practical applications of abilities

Abilities may be needed at an early stage but not later on
We cannot predict because testing is expensive, and not good at predicting performance
Many abilities haven't been discovered
Can't measure all the ones we know about well
Other factors can predict performance too such as gender, age...


What are the 3 measures of variability of performance

Diversity- range of performance between variables
Dispersion- range of scores in relation to individuals mean, within participant
Consistency- variability over time, within participant


What is state and trait anxiety

State- anxious response to specific situation
Trait- predisposition to respond with anxiety


What are the two types of anxiety

Cognitive anxiety- mental component
Somatic anxiety- physical component, how we perceive changes in arousal


What are the types of variance

Addictive genetic variance (totally inherited)
Dominant genetic variance (dominant reflected in phenotype)