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What is internal consistency

If the individual tests high on one item they should test high on another, if they both have the same underlying construct


Inter rater reliability?

No matter who's doing the marking you should get the same mark


Re-test reliability

Get the same results for individuals over time


Face validity

Does it look like it'll test the construct
Useful in certain contexts, but actively want to avoid it in others


Content validity

Having construct clearly defined and un controversial


Criterion related validity 2 types

Concurrent validity- time existing test and look at your test on the same sample of individuals
Predictive validity- does my test predict the behaviour based on the construct
Good specificity and moderate sensitivity in detecting psychiatric disorders
SDQ predicted prevalence of child mental health


Construct validity

Most stringent form
Test should have a good agreement between the construct and the data
More recent papers disagree with this, and other cultures say it doesn't


Discriminant validity

Does it predict behaviour you would expect it to and also not predict behaviour you would not expect it to


What is the teacher version of the SDQ

25 items on questionnaire
Measure core constructs on mental health, emotional problems and conduct problems


Why is the SDQ weak

Evidence that scores seem to change with age, evidence using other questionnaires there is cultural validity
Construct different depending on culture


What is a psychometric approach

Measuring psychological constructs
Define what the construct is
Define how the construct affects behaviour
Not directly observable- no empirical evidence
Take indirect measurements of construct via people's behaviour