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What is Rational Emotive Therapy?

It is based on the assumption that our feelings are determined by our underlying beliefs. ABC's or RBT


What are the ABC's of RBT?

Activating Event
Underlying Belief
Emotional Consequence


Name the 10 Core irrational beliefs

1. we must be loved by everyone and everyone must approve of everything we do
2. We must be thoroughly competent, adequate, intelligent, and achieving in all ways.
3. It is a terrible catastrophe when things are not as would like them to be.
4. Unhappiness is the result of External events and happenings that are forced on us and that we have no control over.
5. We should be greatly concerned about dangerous and fearful things and must center our thinking on them until the danger as passed.
6. It's easier to avoid difficulties and responsibilities in life than to face them.
7. Because something greatly influenced us in the past it must determine our present and future. The past cannot be overcome.
8. What other people do is vitally important to us, and we should make every effort to change them to be the way we think they should be.
9. There is one perfect to every problem and if it not found the result will be terrible.
10. One virtually has no control over their emotions. She is a victim and cannot help how she feels.


Other Cognitive Therapies Used

1. Thought Stopping and Thought Switching. Wear rubber bands and snap them when they are catastrophizing or worrying.
2. Systematic Desensitization
Review Concerns
4. Cognitive Activation - focus on cognitive task while engaging in traumatic activities


Definitions of Cognitive Distortions (page 167)

1. All or nothing thinking
2. Overgeneralization
3. Mental Filter
4. Disqualifying the positive
5. Jumping to Conclusions
A. Mind reading
B. The fortune teller error
6. Magnification Catastrophizing or Minimization
7. Emotional Reasoning
8. Should Statements
9. Labelling and Mislabelling
10. Personalizatoin


David Burns - The New Mood Therapy

1. Automatic Thoughts
2. Cognitive Distortions
3. Rational Responses