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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
When do you use the relational tr...,
How would you access the unconscious,
What is a major contribution to p...
15  cards
Intensity Markers & Conflict Markers in Psychotherapy
What are intensity markers,
Name some paraverbal cues that sh...,
Name some negative intensity markers
16  cards
Critical Concepts and Techniques by Theoretical Approach
What are the three phases in in p...,
Each school of therapy applies to...,
You can also categorize psychothe...
17  cards
Person Centered and Humanistic-Existential
Name 4 assumptions that often are...,
How does a therapeutic relationsh...,
How does brining the past into th...
11  cards
Existential Treatment of Anxiety
What types of clients would you u...,
After establishing report and doi...,
Once the distinction is made the ...
25  cards
Narrative Therapy
What clients would you use narrat...,
What is your role as the therapis...,
Define externalizing problems
21  cards
Integrative Therapy
What are the brain treatment tech...,
What is the cross crawl,
How do you get clients to feel te...
6  cards
Relaxation and Stress Reduction
Who would you use this technique ...,
Core person safe place what is im...,
What are the two nervous systems ...
16  cards
Rational - Emotive Therapy
What is rational emotive therapy,
What are the abc s of rbt,
Name the 10 core irrational beliefs
6  cards
Brief Solution Focused Therapy
What kind of people are suitable ...,
When is this therapy useful,
10  cards
Applied Behaviour Analysis and Behaviour Therapy
What type of clients would be app...,
Behaviour analysis,
What is operant behaviour
16  cards
Ego State Theroy and Therapy
What are the three ego states,
And in recent years,
How was the child state broken do...
21  cards
Adlerian Psychotherapy
What type of clients should you u...,
What are some axioms of adlerian ...,
What are the 3 c s that people wa...
16  cards
Gestalt Therapy
What is gestalt used for,
When is gestalt therapy used,
What was the most significant con...
13  cards

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advanced skills - lm

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