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What were the readings for Mesopotamia?

Laws of Hammurabi and Epic of Gilgamesh


What did the laws of hammurabi show us?

It tells us about laws, justice, role of the king. It tells us how they handled crime and punishment, consumer and labor rights. Basically all aspects of Mesopotamian society.


What did the epic of Gilgamesh show us?

It tells us how a monarchy was in Mesopotamia, expected norms and duties, religion, gods, and it tells us their views on life and the afterlife.


What were the readings for Egypt in the old kingdom?

The instructions of Ptah-Hotep and Songs, Unas Pyramid Incantations, Sea People's Inscriptions


What did the The instructions of Ptah-Hotep and Songs show us?

It shows us how the old kingdom viewed ma'at. They were instructions for his son for rules to live by and codes of conduct. If followed, he would succeed in life.


What were the readings for Egypt in the new kingdom?

the Egyptian book of the dead, and Hymm to Aten


What did the Unas Pyramid Incantations show us?

it gave us insights of how they conceived of the divine and the afterlife. It talked about how a pharaoh joins the gods in the afterlife and they become closer. It's about Unas the Pharaoh and when he dies he goes to the afterlife and serves the sun god Re-Atum and becomes a servant of all the gods.


What did the Sea People's Inscriptions show us?

It talks about Ramses III going to war against the sea people and becoming a warrior king


What did the the Egyptian book of the dead show us?

it talks about a man Ani, who wants to go to the afterlife. He has to prove himself to a court-like gods to prove that he upheld ma-at and that he's worthy enough to go to the afterlife. The book shows us what they conceived as good and evil in the new kingdom


What did the Hymm to Aten show us?

It shows us people believed that Aten was the sun god and when the sun goes down the evil comes out.


What were passages read for Greece?

The Iliad, Pericles Funeral Oration, Old Oligarch, Oedipus Tyrannus, Socratic Method, Allegory of the cave and the Republic.


What did the The Iliad show us?

it shows us that even in the dark ages when civilization collapsed, memory isnt lost, preserved through poetry. Allows us to get insights of dark age norms. Theres a conflict the the Trojan war, king stole priests wife and goes to war.


What did the Pericles Funeral Oration talk about?

First year end of the Peloponnesian war, they created democracy and Pericles is praising the government


What did the Old Oligarch talk about?

Anonymous author disapproved of Pericles democracy because rascals (poor people) would be able to be in the government when they aren't smart enough


What did Oedipus show us?

Sophocles transformed an oral story into a play. It shows us how a monarchy was in that time


What did Socratic Method show us?

Tells us about how a person could attain arete. Socrates was the first person to think with their brain instead of thinking about the gods or the earth for reasoning.


What did Allegory of the Cave show us?

Explains deeper concept of truth and knowledge. Plato wrote this and doesnt like that the government killed his teacher.


What did the Republic talks about?

It talks about what would make an ideal government, which is education