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Regeneration in San Francisco location

- California
- west coast of USA


why has San Francisco grown

- TNC's setting up HQ in Silicon Valley
- e.g. Apple, android
- increased FDI
- better services + housing
- reduced unemployment
- last year 26,000 jobs created


Why do companies locate in San Francisco now

- close proximity to Harvard university, highly skilled workers
- research and technology centres, helps innovation
- San Francisco airport and docks, accessible - shrinking world


How successful is Silicon Valley and the city

- successful
- creating 1000's of new jobs
- providing big payouts in tax for government
- increased investment into local area improving services


What are the costs of San Francisco's success

- class divide in San Francisco
- many jobs are high skilled and paid
- caused price of living to increase
- in 2016 population decreased by 5000
- some areas deprived


Location of Glasgow

- southern Scotland
- west of Edinburgh


How has glasgows function changed over time

- 1893 Glasgow one of the richest cities due to ship building industry
- deindustrialisation during 80's led to mines and factories being closed
- due to cheap labour abroad
- high unemployment and urban decay


How have glasgows demographics changed over time

- total positive inflow onto Glasgow
- population projected to increase by 8% in 15 years
- commonwealth games lead to inflow of people
- created more than 5000 jobs


How did regeneration in Glasgow impact peoples identity

- higher skilled/higher paid jobs in tertiary/quarternary impacting identity
- re-imaging can change identity attracting different groups of people


What were the priorities for regeneration in Glasgow

- 15,000 new homes by 2022, demolished high rise to build housing
- in order to end depopulation
- mixture of homes (high quality private and affordable)


How does media question the need for regeneration in glasgow

- during deindustrialisation 1980's and high unemployment
- media attention focused on violence and crime
- area needed to be regenerated to improve reputation


What rebranding and re imaging took place in Clyde

- central waterfront heart of regeneration
- new iconic bridge, help business on either side
- stimulate economic and social activity


How successful was the glasgow regeneration project

- yes!
- affordable new homes
- populated regenerated area with positive community spirit
- prevents gentrification as area is affordable
- attract business, people more willing to work in glasgow


Result of regeneration of the Clyde

- raise profile of the city
- vibrant waterfront
- rebranding and improved aesthetics attracts visitors


What impact did the commonwealth games have on glasgow

- opportunity to improve reputation
- attract visitors to new vibrant area
- influx of tourists benefit economy
- allowed people to see vibrant town and keep identity


Crealy Devon location

- south west england
- west of Bournemouth


Crealy Devon summary

- farm diversification and rural success
- agricultural to a 100 acre adventure park and resort
- rebranding


How have crealy and farmers in Devon diversified

- crealy added over 60 rides, attractions, live shows
- 2012 park opened accomadation
- farmers adding shops, cafes, restaurants


How has diversification made Devon a successful rural area

- more economic activity through business such as crealy, positive multiplier effect
- rebranding from agricultural to tourism


Englands rust belt - teeside location

- north eats coast of england
- along the river tees
- large cities such as Sunderland


Englands rust belt - teeside background

- mainly primary industries such as coal and steel industry
- third larges port in the UK on river teese
- deindustrialisation caused factories and industry to close


Reasons for decline along the river tees

- declining export sales after the war
- deindustrialisation
- recession
- unappealing
- cheaper work and manufacturing abroad
- locals lack disposable income


What are the impacts of decline on the river tees

- lack of business start ups and FDI
- derelict land
- increased crime and unemployment
- sink estates


Plymouth - drake circus location

- port city
- Devon
- south west england


What decline and demographic changes have occurred in Plymouth - drake circus

- decline in health services due to..
- medical graduates in Plymouth move elsewhere limite high paid job available
- GCSE grades have fallen as qualifications not needed to work in Plymouth
- young groups move for job opportunities


Plymouth - drake circus stakeholders

- MP
- graduates
- residents
- Employees


What regeneration took place in Plymouth - drake circus

- £200mil regeneration
- covered shopping centre 60,000 square metres
- with new 1000 space car park


What impacts have regeneration in Plymouth - drake circus had

- increased business
- influx of people, more economic activity
- more aesthetically pleasing
- increased congestion


Heathrow airport expansion

- plan to build new 3,500m runway
- operational by 2026
- preferred option over Gatwick


Gatwick airport expansion

- runway expansion
- due to long haul growth
- growth in gatwicks regional connections across Britain