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biggest contributors to regulating arterial pressure

autonomic nervous system & RAAS


what converts Angiotensin I to II

ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme)


Where are baroreceptors located?

carotid bodies and aortic arch


If you were to massage the carotid sinus by hand, how would the body respond to a sensed increase in pressure

the body would compensate by decreasing sympathetic tone and this slows heart rate


A decrease in arterial pressure would result in what actions by kidney

Renin is released by juxtaglomerular cells


In individuals with "set point" hypertension, they can be controlled with:

ACE inhibitors (Lotensin) or ACE receptor antagonist (Cozaar)


what is an example of a maladaptive response by the RAAS

with systolic heart failure, activation of the RAAS system to increase blood volume aggravates the heart


In cirrhosis, inappropriate aldosterone secretion contributes to ascites. This can be treated by spironolactone which does what?

is antagonist for aldosterone


what is ascites? what is main cause

fluid accumulation in peritoneal cavity, often caused by liver failure/cirrhosis


In individuals with unilateral renal artery stenosis from atherosclerotic CV disease, how would increased serum renin levels elevate bp to levels which risk:

stroke & MI


what is the result of SIADH

too much water in serum (normal Na+) however results in lower Na+ serum measurement....


how would you treat a patient with a low serum sodium level

Fluid Restriction (too much water vs. sodium)


ANP does what

inhibits Na+ reabsorption due to too much preload. It is sensed by the atria