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Define abortion.

The deliberate termination of a pregnancy.


What is meant by the 'miracle of life'?

This is the idea that life is wonderful or special.


What does pro-choice mean?

Pro-choice means in favour of a woman's right to choose an abortion.


What does pro-life mean?

Pro-choice means opposed to abortion, in favour of the life of the foetus.


What does quality of life mean?

A measure of fulfilment.


What is meant by the sanctity of life?

Sanctity of life is the idea that life is sacred because it is God-given.


When in the UK is abortion legal?

Into week 24 of the pregnancy.


What is the Abortion Act (1967)?

The Abortion Act made abortion legal in this country, under the following conditions:

-2 doctors must agree.

-Mother's health at risk.

-Arrival of another child may affect health & well being of the other children.

-Good chance of child being handicapped.


What are some arguments made by people who are pro-choice? (8 points)

-The woman who has to carry the foetus for 9 months and then nurture the baby has the right to end the pregnancy if she wishes.

-Life does not start until birth, so it is not murder.

-The risk of the mother's life outweighs that of the baby.

-The woman's circumstances should be considered e.g: rape.

-A mother who is abandoned by the father might not be able to cope mentally or physically on her own.

-Handicapped children may not enjoy a fulfilled and happy life.

-If there are already several children in the family the financial burden might be too much.

-The world is already overpopulated, so why bring an unwanted child into it.


What are some arguments made by people who are pro-life? (8 points)

-Abortion is murder because life starts at conception.

-An abortion might deprive the world of someone who is truly great in some capacity.

-Children are a blessing and should not be destroyed.

-Abortion often results in depression and feelings of guilt.

-If a child is unwanted it could be adopted.

-Abortion is not facing up to responsibilities.

-The government provides financial support so money shouldn't be an excuse.

-Science has proventhe unborn child has feelings and intelligence.


Why do evangelical Protestants and most Catholics believe abortion is always wrong?

-Life is holy and only God can decide when life should end.

-Life begins at conception, so abortion is taking life.

-The Ten Commandments say that taking life is wrong.

-Everyone, including a feotus, has a right to life.


Why do other Christians such as Methodist and Church of England disagree with abortion, but think there are some circumstances where it is necessary?

-They do not believe that life begins at conception.

-Jesus' command to love your neighbour is the most important command and abortion can be the most loving thing.

-It is the duty of Christians to remove suffering.

-If killing is allowing is a just war, why not in a just abortion?


What are Buddhist beliefs about abortion?

Buddhist texts do not mention abortion, however most would not support abortion as it is seen as taking a life. However, Buddhists consider motives very important and can understand that in some circumstances, abortion may be the most compassionate action.


Why do Buddhists not support abortion?

-Tibetan Buddhists say that because it is so rare to be reborn in a human form, to end this precious human rebirth is a waste.

-If a person has an abortion for selfish reasons, out of despair or hatred, then it will produce bad karma.

-Life begins at conception, so abortion is killing.


Why do Buddhists sometimes allow abortion?

-They believe if the motive is selfless compassion (metta) for others, the taking of a life is balanced by good intention.

-Buddhists do recognise that at times an abortion can lead to less suffering.