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What is/are the Three Refuges?

A recitation which opens Buddhist meetings. 

Buddhists 'take refuge' in three things: the Buddha, the Dharma (teachings) and the Sangha (community).


What is the Boddhisattva Vow?

Boddhisttvas promise to help others achieve enlightenment before entering nibbana themselves. 


What is 'metta'?

Metta means loving kindness.

This is a pure love which is not possesive or seeking to gain.


What are the 5 Moral Precepts?

1. Not to cause harm by physical actions.

2. Not to cause harm by actions of speech.

3. Not to cause harm through sexual activity.

4. Not to steal or take what is not given.

5. Not to take intoxicants.


What is the purpose of the Five Moral Precepts?

They are guidelines for living rather than rules. 

Keeping the five moral precepts gains positive karma, which helps for a better rebirth.


What are the Ten Commandments?

1. Worship no other Gods.

2. Make no idols.

3. Do not misuse God's name.

4. Keep the Sabbath Day holy.

5. Honour your parents.

6. Do not kill.

7. Do not commit adultery.

8. Do not steal.

9. Do not lie.

10. Do not covet.


What dietary laws do Buddhists follow?

-Many Buddhists are vegetarian➡️First Moral Precept says not to harm by physical actions. Also, animals are part of the samsara cycle so vegetarianism is encouraged.

-Buddhist monks will eat meat if it is given to them as alms (charitable donations)➡️it would be disrespectful to reject the offering.

-Some Buddhists do not drink alcohol➡️Fifth Moral Precept says not to take intoxicants but for individual Buddhists, it depends on interpretation.


What dietary laws do Christians follow?

-Most Christians eat meat, but some choose to be vegetarian➡️After the great flood God said to Noah, "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you."

-Most Christians drink alcohol➡️Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding of Cana and drank wine at the Last Supper. Jesus only drank in moderation, though.


Why do Buddhists meditate?

-Meditation is an important part of their path towards obtaining enlightenment and reaching nibanna.

-Samatha meditation is used to gain a feeling of calm where the mind is focussed on one object or things.

-Vipassana meditation is used to show the true nature of things, such as problems that may result from craving and ignorance.


Why do Christians pray?

-Adoration➡️Praising God.

-Confession➡️Saying sorry.

-Thanksgiving➡️Saying thanks.

-Supplication➡️Asking for things.

-Christians also meditate upon words from the Bible.


How do Christians celebrate a birth?

-Babies are baptised by a priest with Holy water.

-This symbolises new life, cleansing from sin and admission into the Church.

-During a baptism, godparents make promises on behalf of the Church.


How do Buddhists celebrate a birth?

-Parents name the child in a temple, while a monk sprinkles it with water, to symbolise cleanliness and protection from evil, and blesses it.

-A candle is lit and the wax drips into a bowl of water. This symbolises the union of elements and the harmony the child will aim for.


How do Christians celebrate a marriage?

-Priest talks about the importance of marriage in providing a stable and loving home for bringing up children.

-Wedding is done in front of God and the Church.


How do Buddhists celebrate a marriage?

-In Therevada Buddhism, two pieces if cotton are cut and passed around everyone. The monk then wraps one around the wrist of the groom who in turn ties the other on to his bride's wrist.

-The couple stand on a platform called a Purowa, rings are exchanged and vows are said. A silk scarf is tied around the couple's hands to symbolise husband and wife.

-Marriages can take place in the home.


How do Christians hold funerals?

--Services are held in the Church or a crematorium.

-The dead are mostly buried.

-A sermon is given, explaining beliefs about life after death & the deceased's good qualities are described.


How do Buddhists hold funerals?

-In Tibet, bodies are left in remote places for birds to eat.

-In Sri Lanka, bodies are buried or cremated.

-In Theravada Buddhism, monks recite sacred texts for 12 days after the death.


How can Buddhists become monks?

-People become Buddhists simply by repeating the Three Refuges, because it is the way of life that is important- not a special ceremony.

-In Theravada Buddhism, when a person enters the monastery a ceremony takes place. The person must be free from debt and have to have learnt the sections of scripture. He visits the monastery, rings the gong and makes offerings before he joins.

-On the day of the ceremony he shaves his head and walks in a white robe around the temple four times carrying a candle, incense and flowers.

-Having put on rich clothes for the ceremony, he removes these and throws money on the floor to symbolise giving up worldly life. Now a monk, he wears a yellow robe and starts his learning.


How are Christians initiated into the Church?

-Confirmation is a sign of full membership to the Christian community.

-Confirmation enables a baptised person to confirm the promises made on their behalf at baptism.

-A confirmation can be held at any age. In the West, most people insist that participants are old enough to understand the significance of their promises.