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Define stereotyping.

Having an oversimplified mental image of people and applying it to everyone in a group.


Define discrimination.

Actions as a result of prejudice.


Give 3 examples of racism.

-Stephen Lawrence➡️Stabbed and killed for being black.

-16th-19th centuries black people stolen and used as slave.

-Minorities given poorer housing, inferior education and not given jobs.


Give 2 examples of sexism.

-Gender pay gap➡️Women paid less than men.

-Female infanticide➡️Especially in China due to one-child policy and desire to have son instead.


Give 3 examples of religious prejudice.

-Mass murder of millions of Jews during Holocaust.

-Florida professor demands student write 'Jesus' on piece of paper and stamp on it.

-Linda Sarsour, hijab-wearing➡️Attacked on streets of New York.


Give 3 examples of ageism.

-Physicians providing inadequate treatment to elderly.

-Those aged 75+ are 9x more likely to be refused insurance than those aged 30-49.

-Research from 1970, 80 and 90 shows continuing negative portrayal of elderly in media.


Give 3 examples of disability prejudice.

-Among Greeks, sick considered inferior.

-People with disabilities treated as economic liabilities.

-Infant born with six fingers killed upon birth in Ghana (1952).


Give 3 examples of social prejudice.

-Calling someone a 'chav' or 'thug'.

-Sophie Lancaster killed for being a goth (2008).

-Ugliness associated with evil➡️i.e: villains in old Disney movies,


What are the main causes of prejudice?

-Lack of education.


-Children with prejudiced parents imitate.

-Bad experience➡️Expectation of what people of a certain group will do.

-Media➡️Reinforces stereotypes.

-Victims of prejudice➡️Coping mechanism.


Define tolerance.

Accepting all people and valuing their contribution to life and society.


What is meant by the term 'justice'?

Fairly and according to the law.


Define harmony.

Living at peace with others.


Briefly describe what Ghandi did and how religion influenced his actions.

-Campaigned for rights of Indians➡️Poll tax dropped.

-Indian marriages legal in South Africa.

-Peacefully fought British who ruled India.

-Campaigned for poor people and equality of castes.


Devout Hindu, but influenced by ideas from different religions. Religious beliefs stopped him using violence to get his way.


Define prejudice.

Thinking badly of someone because of the group he/she belongs to.


How and why is there inequality in the Church?

-Men and women are not treated equally, for example woman priests and ministers are not allowed. 

-Saint Paul said, "Women should remain silent in the churches."

-Jesus, however, always showed by his actions that he respected and valued women for example he made no distinction between woman and man in the Good Samaritan parable.

-CofE has recently begun to allow women to be priests or ministers, whilst the Roman Catholic Church still opposes it.


Briefly describe what Martin Luther King Jr. did and how religion influenced his actions.

-Fought racism in America➡️Organised 'bus boycott' following Rosa Parks' arrest and became the leader of the civil rights movement.

-Bus law changed, 1965 US Supreme Court gave equal rights to black people.

-At historic march on Washington DC in 1963 delivered famous 'I had a dream' speech.


Martin Luther King Jr.'s Christian beliefs told him that violence and hatred could only be conquered by love and forgiveness.


What are the Buddhist teachings on discrimination?

-Buddha taught everyone has equal potential to reach enlightenment.

-Buddhists welcome men and women of all races and nationalities.

-The Dalai Lama believes people need to increase mutual understanding and respect.


What are the Christian teachings on discrimination?

-Christians believe God created men and women in his own image➡️Therefore all are of equal value.

-Jesus healed the sick and disabled, and treated people with different religious beliefs with respect.

-In 2005 Anglicans elected their first black archbishop. Some Protestant and Anglican denominations allow women to the priests and ministers.


Give an example of a Christian response to prejudice.

Anthony Walker was killed in 2005 for being black. Anthony's mother, Gee, does not hate the murderers.

As a Christian, whilst the pain of losing her son has no comparision, she believes she would be dishonouring his son's memory if she did not forgive the killers.


What laws has the British government passed to prevent discrimination?

-Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

-Equality Act 2006 (against religion discrimination and ageism).