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What is a pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a journey made for a religious reason, often to a shrine or place that is important to someone's faith.


What kind of place might make a place of pilgrimage?

-Significant in the history of the religion.
-Where relics of a saint or prophet are kept.
-Linked to religious found, prophet or leader of faith➡️Place of death, birth or a religion's headquarters.
-Special architecture➡️e.g: Church, Temple or Shrine.
-A place where something extraordinary takes place➡️e.g: a miracle.
-Statues, icons or tombs of holy people.


Why might a person make a pilgrimage?

-To get close to the origins of their faith and follow in the footsteps of their founder or prophet.
-Hope for a miracle or spiritual healing if they are suffering from illness or hardship.
-Life changing experience and being part of a large community of believers.
-Provides an opportunity for believers to refresh their faith and committing themselves fully.


Where is Lumbini and what is it's religious significance?

Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage to the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. It is the birthplace of the Buddha.


What might a Buddhist do in a pilgrimage to Lumbini?

-Pilgrims can visit the Holy Pond where Siddattha and his mother bathed.
-Pilgrims can also visit the Mayadevi Temple which has been built on the spot where Siddattha was born.
-From early morning to early evening pilgrims perform chanting and meditation at the Mayadevi Temple.


Where is Bodh Gaya and what is it's religious significance?

In the city of Gaya, where the Buddha achieved enlightenment.


What might a Buddhist do in a pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya?

-Pilgrims walk in a circle around the Mahabodhi temple, performing prostrations and offering prayers in many languages.


What is the religious significance of Sarnath?

Here the Buddha first taught the Middle Way- the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.


What might a Buddhist do in a pilgrimage to Sarnath?

Pilgrims travel here to listen to sermons, visit stupas and read Buddhist literature that is in the museum.


What is the religious significance to Kushinagara?

This is the city where the Buddha died and was cremated.


What might a Buddhist do in a pilgrimage to Kushinagara?

-There is the Mahaparinirvana Stupa (built on the place of the Buddha's death and cremation), and ruins of ancient monasteries.
-Pilgrims visit to pay respects, give offerings, say prayers and meditate.


Where is Bethlehem and what is it's religious significance?

In the Christian 'Holy' land (Israel). Bethlehem is where Jesus was born.


What might a Christian do in a pilgrimage to Bethlehem?

-Pilgrims may visit the Church which has been built on the fabled stable. In the Church, there is a silver star on the floor showing where Jesus is said to have been born.
-Pilgrims offer prayers in the Church or in quiet surrounding areas, some Christians kiss the star.
-Midnight mass is held in the Church next door at Christmas.


Where is Jerusalem and what is it's religious significance?

Jerusalem is a holy city in the Christian 'Holy' land, Israel. Jesus' Last Supper, death, resurrection and ascension all took place in Jerusalem.


What might a Christian do in a pilgrimage to Jerusalem?

Pilgrims can re-enact the last few days of Jesus' life:
-Walking the Mount of Olives (where Jesus was arrested and ascended).
-Entering Gethsemane (scene of Last Supper).
-Following the Via Dolorosa (route where Jesus carried his cross to his place of crucifixion).
-Visit Church of Holy Sepulchre (where it was said Jesus was resurrected).


What is Galilee's religious significance?

Galilee is the place where Jesus spent most of his time, especially when he took up his role of teaching and preaching the 'Word of God'.


What might a Christian do in a pilgrimage to Galilee?

-Visit Nazareth, Jesus' hometown.
-Visit Cana, famous for the water into wine miracle.
-Journey along the river Jordan down to the Dead Sea- bottles of water can be filled, perhaps for use in family baptisms in the future.


What is the importance of pilgrimage?

-A pilgrim may be refreshed spiritually, and resume their lives with a new attitude.
-A pilgrim may learn new things about their religion, or have a greater understanding about their beliefs.
-Pilgrims have the opportunity for reflection and self-discovery.