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What environmental factors affect reproduction?



rainfall - food temperature - seasonal photoperiod - day length


What are pheromones?

chemicals that allow communication among animals through the vemeronasal organ


Sex hormones alter ___________.

reproductive behavior


What is the Whitten effect?

synchronization of estrus stimulated by protein in male urine that stimulates synthesis and secretion of gonadotrophins


What is the Bruce Effect?

Observed termination of pregnancy when introduced to a foreign male


What is the reasoning for the Bruce Effect?

Pheromone blocks the secretion of prolactin which is responsible for the maintenance of corpora lutea


Bruce Effect is limited to rodents. True or false?

False; it has been observed in Geladas


What are the 2 practical applications of the Whitten Effect?

Manipulate the estrous cycle in animals. Advance the onset of puberty in pigs by introducing a boar to gilts (pre-pubic)


What is the Ram Effect?

A male sheep is introduced into a flock of ewes before the breeding season to ensure ovarian cycle at the beginning of the breeding season.


What are the 2 practical applications of the Bruce Effect?

Management of the mouse breeding colony - Do not expose female to foreign males after mating. Pest Control