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Aerobic respiration equation

Glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water (+ energy)

C6H12 O6+ → 6CO2 + 6H 2O


Demonstrating CO2 production


(See diagram)
Air → A: sodalime → B: Lime water → C: germinating seeds → D: lime water

-Air comes in through the left, test tube A absorbs CO2 from air
-The limewater at B wouldn't turn cloudy as the air doesn't contain CO2
-At C the seeds respire and produce CO2 as waste product
-At D lime water becomes cloudy due to presence of CO2


Demonstrating energy release

(See diagram)

2 jar with one germinating seed and one boiled seed
Thermometer and wet cotton

-The Germinating seed produces thermal energy and ATP from respiration. This means that temp is higher than other

-The boiled seeds have denatured enzymes so cannot respire or produce energy. It acts as a comparison to the germinating seeds


Respiration in cells

In mitochondria:

-contains many enzymes required in respiration

-respiration takes place in the inner membrane

-inner membrane are folded so there's more space for enzymes to attach

-muscle + sperm cell have many mitochondria due to their high energy requirements


What is respiration?

A reaction that occurs in living things to create energy. It breaks down glucose into energy


What is aerobic respiration?

In this form all energy is released from the glucose as it is fully broken down. It's used for day to day processes like movement and keeping warm


What is anaerobic respiration?

Respiration without O2


Effects of exercise on the body

1. breathing rate increases
2. depth of breath increases
-more O2 taken in to allow more O2 in blood
-more CO2 exhaled

3. heart rate increase
-increase blood flow to muscles
-more O2 + glucose delivered
-allows increase in respiration + energy release

4. feeling hotter
-not all energy in respiration covered to KE
-some lost as heat


Benefits of exercise

-more blood pumped per heart beat
-more heart volume
-lower breathing/pulse rate:
1. higher lung capacity means you take in more O2 per breath
2. pulse rates drop because of a higher heart volume and more blood pumped per beat


Equation for anaerobic respiration

glucose → lactic acid + energy

C6H12 O6 → 2C 3 H 6 O 3

(Aerobic respiration has 16x more energy)


Oxygen debt in anaerobic respiration

-The additional O2 that must be taken in after rigorous exercise for the body to 'respire' the lactic acid made in anaerobic respiration


Breaking down lactic acid in anaerobic respiration

lactic acid + oxygen→ carbon dioxide + water

C3H6 O3 + 3O2 → 3CO2 + 3 H2O


Respiration in yeast

glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water

glucose → ethanol + carbon dioxide


Describe an experiment to investigate the effect of exercise on breathing in humans

During exercise cells respire more quickly, this means O2 has to be delivered and CO2 taken away more quickly. As a result the lung muscles contract and relax faster and the heart beats faster.

Measure a person's breath per 10s when stationary.
Then after 1 minute of running at 5mph then at 2 minutes etc.
You will find a linear relationship as described above between the two