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Describe broncial breath sounds

Normal breath sound

Loud, harsh, high-pitched

Heard over trachea*, bronchi (between the clavicles and midsternum), and over main bronchus


Describe bronchovesicular breath sounds

Normal heart sound

Blowing sounds, moderate intesity and pitch

Heard over main bronchi*, over large airways on either side of the sternum, at the angle of Louis, and between the scapulae


Vesicular Breath Sounds

Normal Breath Sound

soft, breezy quality, low-pitched

Heard over lesser bronchi, brochioles, and lobes (heard best at base of lungs)


Normal Respiratory Assessment

Pink color, even and relaxed intercostal spaces, equal chest symmetry, less than 90 degrees down rib slope, even 12-20 per minute unlabored resp. patterns (rate, rhythm, depth), 1:2 ratio anterior-posterior to lateral diameter, sternum is level with ribs, trachea is midline, chest expands 3 inches with deep inspiration

No pain or tenderness, symmetrical thoracic expansion, excursion (placing thumbs on either side of spine over lower rib cage, should move approx. 1 inch)

no crackles, wheezing, rhonchi




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