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Standard Dosage Calculation Review - Exam 1
How many mg is 1000 mcg,
How many mg is 1 grain gr,
How many mg is 1 gm
12  cards
Chronic Illness & Health Promotion - Exam 1
Primary prevention,
Secondary prevention,
Tertiary prevention
24  cards
Cardiovascular Physical Assessment - Exam 1
Normal pr interval
48  cards
Pedatric Lecture - Exam 1
Infant normal heart rate,
Infant normal respiratory rate,
Toddler normal heart rate
41  cards
Pedatric Calculations - Exam 1
1 000 grams is how many kg,
1 gram is how many ml,
Normal specific gravity for children
14  cards
Respiratory Physical Assessment - Exam 1
Describe broncial breath sounds,
Describe bronchovesicular breath ...,
Vesicular breath sounds
7  cards
Neuro Physical Assessment - Exam 1
What are the three components of ...,
Glasgow coma scale,
Pupil size and reaction to light
11  cards
Chronic Illness & Health Promotion (2) - Exam 1
Which characteristics of parent p...,
What should nurses be aware with ...,
How does chronic illness affect t...
10  cards
Renal Dysfunction - Exam 2
Kidney failure,
Acute kidney injury acute kidney ...,
60  cards
Prioritizing - Exam 2
Priority setting framework,
Maslows hierarchy
23  cards
Dialysis - Exam 2
Arteriovenous native fistula avf,
Arteriovenous grafts avg,
Thrills and bruits
15  cards
Delegation and Management Principles - Exam 2
Management principles to support ...,
Responsibilities of the organization,
Scope of professional nursing pra...
18  cards
Corticosteroid Therapy - Exam 2
Methylprenisolone solumedrol,
What are corticosterioids
19  cards
Liver Dysfunction - Exam 2
Viral sources of hepatitis a,
Sources of hepatitis b,
Sources of hepatitis c
31  cards
Respiratory Assessment - EXAM 3
Reasons for airway obstruction in...,
Neonatal breathing pattern,
Neonatal pedatric respiratory dif...
46  cards
Asthma - EXAM 3
Albuterol proventil,
Ipratropium atrovent,
Fluticasone flovent
25  cards
Artificial Airway Management - EXAM 3
What is an endotracheal tube et,
What are the common indications f...,
How is et tube placement initiall...
24  cards
Respiratory Acidosis - EXAM 3
Normal ph,
Normal paco2,
Normal hco3 bicarbonate
26  cards
Respiratory Failure - EXAM 3
How can pneumonia further comprom...,
Hypercapnic ventilatory respirato...,
Hypoxemic oxygenation respiratory...
5  cards
Respiratory Tract Infections - EXAM 3
How to prevent infections,
Symptoms of respiratory infections,
28  cards
End of Life Issues - EXAM 3
Advance directives,
Living will,
Durable power of attorney poa for...
22  cards
Pedatric Respiratory Distress - EXAM 3
What should be done if a child ap...,
Cardinal signs of a child in resp...,
Early but less obvious signs of a...
9  cards
Pulmonary Embolism/Obstructive Sleep Apnea - EXAM 3
Where do pe originate,
Risk factors of pe,
Virchows triad
32  cards
Mechanical Ventilation - EXAM 3
Mechanical ventilation,
Spontaneous breathing,
Mechanical ventilation process
46  cards
Precipitating factors,
58  cards
Hypertension - EXAM 4
What are sodium restricted diets,
How much does the american heart ...,
Where does sodium come from in ou...
47  cards
Hemodynamics - EXAM 4
What is the pathway of blood flow...,
What is blood pressure,
What factors affect bp
50  cards
Cardiac Assessment - EXAM 4
Indications for cardiac catheteri...,
What is the cardiac catheter proc...,
What is important to tell the pat...
65  cards
Structural & Inflammatory Conditions of the Heart - EXAM 4
What are acyanotic heart defects,
What are cyanotic defects,
What is a patent ductus arteriosu...
20  cards
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)/Acute Myocardial Infarction(AMI) - EXAM 4
Hdl good or bad,
Ldl good or bad,
How do you decrease serum cholest...
45  cards
Heart Failure - EXAM 4
Furosemide lasix,
What do you do before giving digoxin,
Is furosemide lasix postassium wa...
31  cards
Cardiac Rehabilitation - EXAM 4
Best bf in the world,
What is cardiac rehabilitation,
What is prevention
18  cards
Altered Immune Response - EXAM 5
Bone marrow,
What are the three major cell com...,
What is the absolute neutrophil c...
78  cards
Blood Disorders - EXAM 5
What is sickle cell disease,
What are sickling episodes,
What is a sickle cell crisis
34  cards
Organ Transplant - EXAM 5
What is an autologous graft,
What is graft versus host disease,
What is brain death
27  cards
Hypersensitivity - EXAM 5
Latex allergy response,
Epinephrine adrenalin,
Diphenhydramine benadryl
29  cards
Pituitary and Thyroid Dysfunction - EXAM 5
What are symptoms of hyperthyroid,
What are symptoms of hypothyroid,
What are symptoms of thyrotoxicosis
27  cards
Metabolic Syndrome - EXAM 5
What is the definition of metabol...,
How is metabolic syndrome diagnosed,
What are the main underlying risk...
28  cards
Dysrhythmias Identification and Pharmacologic Treatment - Exam 6
Which comes first mechanical acti...,
What is automaticity,
What is the main pacemaker of the...
72  cards
Electrical Therapy - Exam 6
What is defibrillation,
What is a manual defibrillator,
What is an automated external def...
11  cards
Cardiac Arrest - Exam 6
What is respiratory arrest,
What is cardiac arrest
12  cards
Shock - Exam 6
Dopamine intropin,
Epinephrine adrenalin,
Risk for shock
42  cards
Neurologic Assessment - Exam 6
With what glascow coma scale woul...,
What are the criteria for glascow...,
What are the criteria for the gla...
58  cards
Seizures - Exam 6
What is status epilepticus,
What are the types of generalized...,
What are the types of focal parti...
40  cards
Intracranial Pressure - Exam 6
What is blood brain barrier,
What is the monroe kellie docterine,
What is cerebral perfusion pressure
46  cards
Head Injury/Cranial Surgery - Exam 6
What are some symptoms of hydroce...,
What are some potential complicat...,
What are some components of the n...
30  cards
CNS Infections
What is bacterial meningitis,
What is the most common bacteria ...,
What are the signs and symtpoms o...
32  cards
Peripheral Nerve Disease and Spinal Cord Injury
What is trigeminal neuralgia,
What are the tnis for trigeminal ...,
What is bells palsy
38  cards
Chronic Neurologic Disorders
What is ms,
What are the diagnostic tests for ms,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
18  cards
Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)
What is a transient ischemic atta...,
What is an ischemic stroke,
What are the managment recommenda...
23  cards
Lab Values
Normal bp,
Pre hypertension,
68  cards
Final Weeks 1-7.5
Drugs used in caution with renal ...,
73  cards

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