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An important slide to know




What is the structure of voltage gated Na channels and how does Na enters the cell

It has 2 sites of entry/exit:

1. Activation gate

2. Inactivation gate

Na in a resting cell does not enter the cell from voltage gated Na channels since these channels are closed at the activation gate and open at the inactivation gate. Na enters the cell through the leak channels



What is the equation that can be used to find membrane potential using Na and K conductance and Eion


What is he trying to explain here

Fractional conductance of Na increases during depolarization which causes the membrane potential to go high whereas the during repolarization the fractional conductance of K increases which causes the membrane potential to decrease


What is the significance of the fact that if cell is only permeable to Na and K

Sum of their partial conductances equal to 1


What is the relationship between conductance and resting membrane potential