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Describe the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon

tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon—the temporary inability to remember something you know, accompanied by a feeling that it’s just out of reach.


What is a retrieval cue?

retrieval cues—stimuli that help gain
access to memories, such as hints, related information, or partial recollections.


What is a context cue?


Trying to recall an event by putting yourself back
in the context in which it occurred involves working with context cues to aid retrieval.


What is the misinformation effect

The misinformation effect occurs when participants’ recall of an event they
witnessed is altered by introducing misleading post-event information.


What is source monitoring?

monitoring—the process of making inferences about the origins of memories.


What is a source monitoring error?

A source-monitoring error
occurs when a memory derived from one source is misattributed to another source.