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How did we measure the width?

Stretch the tape measure from one side of the bank to the other and measure from the water line


How did we measure depth?

At 11 places along the width of the river measure the depth by placing the meter stick on the river floor and measure from the water line


How did we measure the velocity?

Measure a distance of 2m and mark with two ranging poles. Place a ping pong ball at one end and time how long it takes to reach the other end


How did we measure sediment size?

At each interval you measure the depth pick up a stone and the measure the length of its longest side


How did we measure the sediment shape?

For each piece of sediment compare its shape to the sediment samples on the stone chart


How did we measure the gradient?

Place tow ranging pole 5m apart and line up the clinometer with the first ranging pole so it is directly pointing at the same point on the other ranging pole


What secondary data did we look at?

Geology map
IOS flood map