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What is Competence?

The Ability to do the job - the knowledge, skills and behaviour required for police driving


3 core competencies for police driving.

(The foundation of al driving)

- knowledge and skills to drive safely

- understanding of factors that increase your risk of a collision

- ability to accurately assess your driving behaviour


What are the task-specific competencies?

- Multi tasking - carry out multiple complex driving tasks at same time with equal accuracy and efficiency

- alertness - being vigilant and remaining focused so to spot potential hazards early

- attention distribution - splitting attention across all aspects of driving

- situational awareness - using all sense to build up actuate mental picture of operational environment

- anticipation - use observation skills and driving experience to spot actual and potential hazards and predict how the situation is likely to unfold

- planning - planning precisely and making rapid and accurate decisions throughout the task

- Making judgements - judging situations accurately and taking safe appropriate action


Situational awareness ?

Involved gathering, interpreting and using any relevant information to make sense of what is going on around you and what is likely to happen next, so tha toucan make intelligent decisions and stay in control


4 levels of the driving task

Human factors that affect your driving

The purpose and context of your journey

Traffic situations

Vehicle and vehicle control


When under pressure, Stress and tiredness can cause he release of which negative feelings?

Anger or frustration


How many times more likely are you to be involved in a crash when responding to an emergency?

3 times more likely


What are the Human factor risk for police drivers?

Distraction due to multi tasking

Driving stress

Operational stressors

Time pressure and purpose Of the journey

'Noble cause' risk taking

Red mist


Occupational stressors?

- Anticipatory stress of facing a difficult or demanding task

- adrenaline rush

- stress related to aspects of the task - ie weather conditions , navigation problems, lack of detail about the incident, time pressure

- stress of being in situation where you may be exposed to extreme hazards

- stress from repeated exposure to distressing incidents in past

- preoccupation with previous error of judgement

- stress from other work factors - ie working long shifts or nights, peer pressure, difficult working relationships