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which salivary glands are serous, and which are mucous?

- Parotid is serous
- Mandibular, sublingual and zygomatic are mixed (serous and mucous)


what does saliva contain?

- enzyme amylase (absent or present in only very small quantities)
- electrolytes (sodium, potassium, bicarbonate).
- proteins, hormones, minerals, vitamins
- mucous, lysosomes, antilactobacillus thiocyanate‐dependent factors, immunoglobulins, and fluoride.


describe the trajectory of the parotid duct

-The parotid duct proceeds rostrally and toward the cheek along the lateral surface of the masseter muscle, closely paralleling the muscle fibers. Near the terminal end, the duct generally makes two slight right‐angle turns, one medially and one vertically, before passing through the buccal mucosa and opening into the buccal vestibule. The opening is at the parotid papilla.


why are the sublingual and mandibular glands excised together?

they share a connective tissue capsule


what are the huge veins around the mandibular salivary gland?

it rests between the linguofacial and maxillary veins


the sublingual gland has a monostomatic and polystomatic portion. what does that mean?

monostomatic: lobules that all discharge into the major sublingual duct
polystomatic: group of small scattered lobules that do not communicate with the major sublingual duct, but empty into several minor sublingual ducts


who has a zygomatic salivary gland?

dogs and cats


name the minor salivary glands

lingual salivary glands
labial glands
buccal glands
palatine glands


how are the salivary gland innervated?

by parasympathetic and sympathetic portions of the autonomic nervous system


what is a sialolith?

Mineralized salt aggregate around a central nidus of desquamated cellular debris, mucin, and/or bacteria.


which type of sialocele is most common?

Sublingual and cervical


which breeds are over-represented when it comes to scialoceles?

Standard poodles
Labrador retrievers
German shepherd dogs


how do scialoceles form?

- saliva leaks out from the duct into the subepithelial connective tissue.
- mucus induces a histiocytic inflammatory response (cellulitis)
subsequent granulation tissue formation followed by fibrosis


what are the possible causes of sialocele?

Trauma, foreign material, infection, sialoliths


what does the FNA diagnosis of sialocele depend on?

viscous, yellowish, clear, or blood-tinged fluid with a low cell count.
Pink to violet staining clumps of mucin (periodic acid-Schiff for definitive diagnosis) may be accompanied by large phagocytic cells with foamy cytoplasm and epithelial cells.