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What is the function of red cells?

To carry haemoglobin around the body- free Hb is toxic (binds NO and damages kidneys)
To allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to diffuse rapidly through the membrane and bind to Hb
Unable to synthesis RNA or protein after 24 hours, use oxygen
Able to metabolise glucose to ATP, generate NADPH, catabolise RNA


What are the boundaries for anaemia?



What are the mechanisms of anaemia?

bone marrow producing too few RBCs, don’t contain enough Hb, excess loss of RBCs from circulation


What is megaloblastic anaemia?

Macrocytic, increased neutrophil segmentation, asynchrony between development of nucleus and red cell


What are the causes of B12 deficiency?

malabsorbtion (pernicious anaemia, damage, fish tapeworm), vegans, rare diseases


What are the causes of Folate deficiency?

malabsorption, dietary, increase requirement (alcoholism, pregnancy, haeolysis), drugs


What is thalassaemia major?

quantitative defect of globin chain synthesis, marrow cellular and very expanded causing damage to bones, enlargement of liver and spleen, death without transfusion (alpha death in utero, beta-death in first few years)


What is myelodysplasia?

abnormal marrow cells