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1. Who is Julian Calendar? (Chap 1)

Julian Calendar is the boy telling the story.


2. What kind of student was Julian at his old school? Chap 1

Julian was a nerd, a geek.


3. What did Julian want to do differently at his new school? Chap 1

Julian wanted to fit in and act ordinary at his new school.


4. Why did Julian transfer to a new school?

Julian went to a new school because his father was transferred.


5. What game did Julian play with Ben Garza and Trevor?

They played basketball.


2. What did Julian choose to do instead of going to a movie, playing minigolf, or ordering a pizza?

He went to hear a scientist named Dr. Stringer give a lecture.


7. What happened when Julian asked Dr. Stringer to sign his science notebook?

He saw Julian's drawings and said "Sorry little boy. I don't have time for you."


8. How did Julian know to go to Dora's Diner at 11 on Saturday? Chap 2

Someone dropped a note written in code when Julian was at his locker.


9. Who did Julian meet at Dora's Diner at 11 on Saturday? Chap 2

Julian met Ben Garza and Greta Hughes.


10. Where did Ben and Gretta take Julian after they met him at Dora's Diner?

Ben and Gretta took him to their secret hideout.


What did Julian discover in the basement of Ben and Greta's secret hideout?

He discovered their secret laboratory, their inventions.


12. Who were the team members of the Secret Science Alliance? Chap 2 

Ben Garza, Greta Hughes, and Julian Calendar.


13. What did Greta and Ben think of Julian's inventions? Chap 2

They thought his inventions were frivolous, unimportant, pranks.


14. How did Greta know that Ben and Julian were trying to steal her doughnut? Chap 2

She had put a camera in the back of her bike helmet so she could see what was happening behind her. She called it Greta's Heads Up Helmet.


15. What kind of job did Greta's dad have? Chap 2

Greta's dad was a museum director with lots of cool stuff.


16. Why is Ben afraid that his dad will be really mad at him?

Because Ben failed another test. He is a poor test-taker.


17. Where did the Hover Hook crash?

The Hover Hook crashed at Industrial Innovations Incorporated. Dr. Stringer is the Head Inventor there.


Who can't stand children? Chap 4

Dr. Whilhelm Stringer can't stand children.


19. According to Greta's dad, what was the most important tool you could have? Chap 5

The most important tool is confidence.


20. Who added the transmission that enabled the helicopter to fly? Chap 5

Ben added the transmission.


21. Why did the Smithsonian loan the very expensive Golden Bust of Ashurbanipal to Mosberg?

The bust was part of the Mysterious Mesopotamia exhibit at the museum.


22. Why did  Kablovsky always where a hat?

He believed he had to be wearing it to get any ideas.


23. How was Dr. Stringer able to invent the Stellar Smeller? Chap 5

He stole the notebook from the Secret Science Alliance.


24. Where does Dr. Stringer keep all his important papers? Chap 6

Dr. Stringer keeps his important papers locked in a safe.


25. How did the Secret Science Alliance stop the security camera at Industrial Innovations Incorporated from seeing them? Chap 7

They invented a Camera-Zapper.


26. Why did Dr. Stringer leave the safe open? Chap 7

He got the blueprints of the Mosberg History Museum out of the safe and forgot to close it.


27. How was Dr. Stringer going to steal the Bust of Ashurbanipal from the Mosburg History Museum?

Stringer was going to use the Secret Science Alliance's inventions to steal the bust. The Fog Gun, the Night Sneak Goggles, and the Spring Loaded Rope Ladder.


28. Why was the night watchman off duty at the museum on the night of the theft?

He had holidays off, and it was the fourth of July.


29. How did the Secret Science Alliance plan to get to the museum before Dr. Stringer?

They used the helicopter.


30. What did Dr. Stringer call Ben?

Stringer called Ben a dumb jock. He called him stupid because his writing and spelling was hard to read.


31. How did Julian help stop Dr. Stringer from escaping with the suitcase?

Julian used his pranks on him. He used the exploding itch powder pellet, stink ink, shoelaces tied together and the glue bomb.


32. What does S.S.A. stand for?

Secret Science Alliance


What did Mr.Hughes cook for Julian, Greta, and Ben the morning after the robbery?

He cooked waffles.


Dr. Stringer wasn't trying to steal the bust. What was he trying to steal?

Stringer wanted to steal Inventor Kablovsky's hat, the "thinking cap."


35. Did Julian make friends at his new school?

Yes, he became friends with Greta and Ben.


36. The SSA used a helicopter to solve the mystery of the copycat crook. What is Julian working on for the next vehicle?

Julian is drawing a secret science submarine.