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List the armaments for each aviation platform.

AH-1W: 20mm cannon w/ 750 rounds, 4 wing stations with 2.75"/5" rockets. (Tow,sidewinder,sidearm,anti-radar)
CH-46E: none
CH-53D: none
CH-53E: two XM-218 .50Cal
UH-IN: M-240, GAU-16 .50Cal, two 7-shot or 19-shot 2.75" rocket pods
MV-22B: none
EA-6B: ALQ-99 jamming system, USQ-133 comm jammer, HARM
KC130F/R/T: none
F18A/B/C: 9wing stations, 2wing tip stations for AIM-7 sparrows, AIM-9 sidewinders, AMRAAMs, AGM-84 harpoons, 2 inboard stations. MK80 general purpose bombs, CBU-59 cluster bombs, AN M61 20mm six barrel gun mounted on nose, McDonnell Douglass gun sight
F18D: AGM-65 Maverick


List the crew for each aviation platform.

AH-1W: 2 officers
CH-46E: 4, pilot,copilot,crew chief, 1st mechanic/gunner
CH-53D:4, pilot,copilot,crew chief, 1st mechanic/gunner
CH-53E:4, pilot,copilot,crew chief, 1st mechanic/gunner
UH-1N: 2 officers, 2 enlisted
MV-22B: unknown
EA-6B: 4
AV-8B: 1
KC130F/R/T: 6-7, 2 pilots, 1 navigator/system operator, 1 flight engineer, 1mechanic, 1-2 load master
F18A/B/C: 1
F18D: 2


Define ARG

Amphibious readiness group (5k personnel)


State the class ship for each ship.

LHA: Tarawa
LHD: Wasp
LPD: Austin
LSD: Harpers ferry


State the features for the class ships

LHA: Land and sustain USMs on any shore during hostilities. Holds 1LCAC, centerpiece to the ARG, 3K personnel
LHD: Improved Tarawa class, Carries 3LCACs, improved elevator/ flight deck, 2 more helps than an LHA
LPD: Combines 3 different classes, LSD (dock landing ship), LST (tank landing ship), LKA (attack cargo ship)


Hospital ships (HSS) are operated by who?

T-AH sealift command


What are the two missions of a hospital ship?

1: to provide mobile afloat capability
2: provide full service hospital for use by government agencies involved in Disaster relief and Humanitarian operations.


How many ships are in the T-AK sealift CPL. Louis J. Hague Jr. Class?



How many maritime pre positioned ships are there?

13 (pre positioned in Diego Garcia). On location in west pacific, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea


What is war?

National power unable to achieve national objectives or protect national interests any other way.


What is MOOTW?

Focus on deterring war
Resolving conflicts
Promoting peace
Supporting civil authorities in domestic crisis



International agreement governing the numbers, types, performance characteristics of weapon systems.


What is anti terrorism?

DEFENSIVE measure used to reduce vulnerability to terrorist acts


What is counter terrorism?

OFFENSIVE measures taken to prevent, deter, and respond to terrorism


What is enforcement of sanctions/maritime intercept operations?

Coercive measures to interdict the movement of certain types of designated items into or out of a nation or specified area
Ex. Operation support democracy off of Haiti


What is enforcing exclusion zones?

Prohibited activities in a specific area
Ex. Operation southern watch in Iraq


What is freedom of navigation and over flight?

Demonstrates US or international rights to navigate sea or air routes.
Ex. Berlin air quarters


What is humanitarian assistance?

Relieve or reduce results of disasters or other endemic conditions
Ex. Sea angel, 1991, Bangladesh


What is military support to civil authorities?

Temp support to domestic civil authorities when permitted by law, and are normally take when an emergency overtaxes the capabilities of civil authority
Ex. Hurricane Andrew 1992


What is nation support /assistance to counter insurgency?

Civil or military assistance rendered based on mutual agreements
Ex. Foreign military sales


What are noncombatant evacuation ops (NEO)?

Relocate threatened noncombatants from a foreign country.
Ex. Operation eastern exit 1991 Somalia.


What are peace operations?

Protection of US flag vessels and their property against unlawful violence and over international waters.
Ex. The reflagging of Kuwaiti ships


What are strikes and raids?

Offensive operations conducted to Inflict damage on, seize, or destroy an objective for political purpose.
Ex. Operation El Dorado Canyon against Libya after the bombing in Berlin


Throughout history military planners have viewed cities as what?

Centers of gravity


Discuss the 5 examples of MOUT:

STALINGRAD 42-43: Soviet defense against Germans created task organized assault units. Greater than 1.63 million casualties.

BERLIN 45: Soviet offensive to seize German capital concluded the last battle of WW2 in Europe. Lasted 14-30 days. Casualties estimated in the thousands

SEOL 50: US and Republic of Korea recaptured the South Korea capital from North Koreans. Combat was centered on seizure of street barricades rather than buildings. 6-13 days with 2383 casualties.

QUANG TRI 1/2 72: Northern most major city in south Vietnam. Major urban battles of Vietnam war. 1- six to thirteen days. 2-thirty plus days combined casualties over 30k.

BEIRUT 2 82: Israeli campaign to evict Palestine liberation organization (PLO) from Lebanon. Greater than 30 days with 2300 casualties.


What are the 4 effects that noncombatants may have on military ops?

Mobility, firepower, security, obstacle employment


What are the 6 principles of operation maneuver from sea?

Focus on objective
Uses sea as maneuver spaces
Generates overwhelming tempo and momentum
Pits strength against weakness
Emphasizes Intel, deceptions, and flexibility
Integrates all organic, joint, and combined assets


What are the 10 marine corps aviation platforms and primary functions?

AH-1W Cobra: Attack
CH-46E Sea Knight: Medium lift support helo
CH-53D Sea Stallion: Transport equip/supplies
CH-53E Super Sea Stallion: Transport heavy e/s
UH-IN Huey: Utility helo
MV-22B Osprey: amphib assault for troops/gear
EA-6B Prowler: Electronic W/A/S/P, HARM
AV-8B Harrier 11: Attack/Destroy targets
KC130F/R/T Hercules: Refueling/transport
F18A/B/C Hornet: Intercept/ attack/ destroy
F18D: Multi sensory imagery recon, support