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Middle Cerebral Artery supplies

Lateral surface of the brain
deep structures of the basal forebrain


Anterior cerebral artery supplies

most of the medial wall of the cerebral hemisphere


posterior cerebral artery supplies

medial wall of the occipital lobe
inferior part of the temporal lobe


The vertebral arteries converge near the base of the pons to form the

Basilar Artery (Unpaired)


at the level of the midbrain, the Basilar Artery split into the right and left:

Superior cerebellar arteries
Posterior cerebral arteries


The Posterior Cerebral Arteries send branches called __________ that connect them to the:

Posterior Communicationg Arteries
Right and Left Internal carotid arteries


The internal Carotid Arteries branch to form the

Middle Cerebral arteries
Anterior Cerebral Arteries


The Anterior Cerebral Arteries of each side are connected by the

Anterior communicating Artery


Cell Types in the Nervous System

Neurons- Functional Cell
Glia (Glial Cells)- Support Cell



Functional cell of NS. Process all conscious and nonconscious information in the Brain and Spinal Cord


12 Pairs of Cranial Nerves

I Olfactory
II Optic
III Oculomotor
IV Trochlear
V Trigeminal
VI Abducens
VII Facial
VIII Vestibulocochlear
IX Glossopharyngeal
X Vagus
XI Accessory (Spinal)
XII Hypoglossal


Neuron Structure

Soma: Cell Body
Dendrites: Receive incoming signal
Axon: Transmit Action Potentials
Axon Hillock: Where soma meets axon
Axon Terminals: Contain neurotransmitters
Schwann Cells, Oligodendrocytes: Surround axon
Myelin Sheath: Insulates the axon
Node of Ranvier: spaces between Schwann Cells