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How do Religious Organisations bring World Peace

- Working to stop causes of war
- Public statements
- Public debates
- Interfaith conferences
Pax Christi


How do the UN bring World Peace

- Peace talks
- Use force if necessary
- Stop trades
- Patrol boards
- A buffer zone


What is a Just War

- Fought for a cause
- Point is to make peace
- All non violent ways have been tried (last resort)
- Reasonable chance of success


Christians AGAINST War

- Jesus stopped Peter from using violence (die by the sword)
- 5th commandment do not kill
- No war can be just
- Jesus said to turn the other cheek


Christians FOR War

- Teaching of main churches (right to fight)
- Obey government -> authorised by God
- Police protect from danger -> army protects innocent countries
- Jesus never condemned the soldiers he met


Muslims FOR War

- Quran says they must fight if they were attacked
- Muhammad fought in wars
- Die fighting a just war -> heaven
- Muhammad said to fight in just wars


How Religion causes arguments

- Might want to convert religion
- Could be an atheist
- Inter faith marriage
- Breaking important religious rules


How Religion brings people together

- Communication
- Religious events/ celebrations
- Shared moral values


Why do Wars happen

- Religion (differences)
- Nationalism (race or culture)
- Economics (wanting other countries land or oil)
- Political differences (for control)


How did the UN bring peace to Cyprus

- Created a buffer Zone
- Safe area -> two areas kept apart
- UN talked to both sides over the years


CHRISTIAN attitudes to bullying

- Jesus parable of the sheep and goats -> should treat anyone as if they were Jesus
- Human right to be free from fear
- Christian duty to protect the weak and innocent
- Bulling is mistreating Gods creation and is wrong


MUSLIM attitudes towards bullying

- Violence without cause is sinful
- Muhammad -> every Muslim is a brother, shouldn't bully your brother
- Islam is based on mutual respect, bullies have no respect
- Teaches to protect the weak and innocent


How religion can cause arguments in families

- Might want to convert/ change religion
- Breaking important religious rules
- Inter faith marriage
- One family member we could be an atheist


How religion can bring families together

- Going to the same place of worship
- Shared moral values
- Religious events/ celebrations
-Jesus said to love your neighbour -> stops arguments


CHRISTIAN teaching on forgiveness and reconciliation

- Jesus died on the cross to bring resolution
- Jesus said those who don't forgive others who have sinned, God won't forgive their sins
- Christianity is based on forgiveness and reconciliation, should be committed
- St Paul said to try and live in peace


MUSLIM teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation

- God is compassionate and merciful and so should muslims
- Day of judgement -> How can they ask for forgiveness if they aren't willing to forgive
- Qur'an says muslims should forgive -> word of God
- Muhammad has said to forgive others to bring reconciliation to conflicts