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FOR the Bible

- Word of God
- Contains the teachings of Jesus
- Contains the ten commandments
- Contains letters from the apostles


AGAINST the Bible

- Out of date
- No mention of modern issues (contraception)
- Written 30 years after Jesus died
- Catholics prefer the church


FOR the Church

- Body of Christ
- God speaks through the church
- Guidance of church helps stop confusion
- Church is guided by God


AGAINST the Church

- You need to make a decision on the spot
- Isn't always time to go
- BIBLE -> Better as it was when Jesus was alive
- Not interested in the consequences of their actions


FOR Conscience

- God is the voice
- Saints told Christians to use conscience
- God is speaking directly to Christians through your conscience
- Church said to follow as if it was the voice of God


AGAINST Conscience

- People have mistaken the voice of God
- BIBLE -> what all Christian's agree is Christian
- CHURCH -> what is right
- Life would become chaotic is everyone followed their conscience


FOR Situation Ethics

- Jesus seemed to follow he ruled over the old testament
- Only do things which produce good results
- Love god & neighbour most loving thing to do
- Christianity is a religion of love, should base decisions on love not laws


AGAINST Situation Ethics

- God wouldn't have put laws in the bible if they weren't to be used
- Church knows better
- Should follow 10 commandments, what others agree
- Don't know all the facts or the consequences


Protestants and the Bible

Bible is straightforward
doesn't help modern day issues


Christians and Conscience

They would use the bible or church if their conscience went against what they believed


Why are human rights important

- Part of justice and society
- Country would fall and people couldn't get jobs
- Protect the weak a innocent
- Vote in elections


Why are human rights important to Christian's

- Right to life is a Christian belief
- Equality is shown in Jesus teaching and the parable of the sheep
- Christians have a right to express their religion
- The right to not be discriminated against insures Christians wont be disadvantaged with pay, jobs


Why do some Christian's not approve of human rights

- Homosexuality is against Gods will
- Against the right to marry a person from a different faith so children aren't brought up inter faith
- Homosexuals bringing up a family
- Women priests


Golden rule

Used in voting
Christians will look at policies and see if they would be happy being treated that way


Sheep and Goats

Used in policies
Jesus said christians had a duty to the poor (help the hungry, clothe the naked...)
If a policy said to imprison the homeless they wouldn't vote for them as it isn't helping them


Brothers Keeper

God wants us to look after each other
Christian's can make decisions by deciding how to look after one another


Pros of GE

- Saves lifes
- Can be used to grow healthy cells
- Quick
- Makes more room in hospitals


Cons of GE

- Expensive
- Playing with life/God
- Only available to those who can pay
- Removal of potential life


Why some Christians agree with GE

- Jesus was a healer
- A difference between creating cells and creating ppl (working with God)
- Embryos aren't life until 2 weeks
- No different to drug research


Why some Christians disagree with GE

- God has created world wasn't part of his plan
- Playing God an is a sin
- Wrong to make the earth perfect (heaven is)
- Killing and embryo is killing life