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Why do we need laws

- To keep order in society
- So people know what behavior is acceptable
- To protect the weak from the strong
- So that everything is fair


What is the purpose of punishment

- To put people of committing crimes
- To protect society from criminals
- So someone else can pay for what they have done wrong
- To make the criminal a good citizen


Why is justice important for Christians

- Bible: God will reward the good and punish the sinner
- NT: To treat people fairly
- Jesus: Rich should share with he poor
- Church: statements that Christians need to work for justice and fairness


Why is justice important for Muslims

- God: will reward the good and punish the bad on the last day
- Hell: Punishment for not working for justice
- Islam: Cant be in the charging of interest because it takes money from poor to rich
- Part of their role (Gods creation) is to insure the world is governed in a fair way


Social problems of drugs and Alcohol

- Smoking as alcohol can make family & friends worried
- Problems on weekends
- Alcohol can cause an increase in crime & violence
- ILLEGAL -> criminals


Health problems of drugs and Alcohol

- Smoking when pregnant -> (lower birth rate still births)
- Cancers & breathing difficulties
- Drugs -> infections from dirty needles
- Mental Heath (drugs)


Christian FOR the consumption of drugs and Alcohol

- First miracle Jesus performed was at the wedding (water into wine approved)
- Jesus used bread and wine at his last supper and told his disciples to carry the tradition
- Most churches use alcoholic wine (must be able to drink in moderation)
- St. Paul said Christians could drink in moderation


Christian AGAINST the consumption of drugs and Alcohol

- It is abusing gods temple
- Bible -> says alcohol invites violence
- Concerned about social & health problems
- Bible -> warn about drunkenness(Noah's drunkenness brought shame on his family)


Muslims AGAISNT the consumption of drugs and Alcohol

- The Quran -> keeps people from God prayers (should obtain)
- Muhammad said it changes perception and is Khamr which is forbidden
- Muhammad said not to drink alcohol
- Alcohol is forbidden as it is harmful


NON RELIGIOUS arguments FOR capital punishment

- If people know they will lose their life it will deter them
- Murders/ terrorists are a threat to society best ways to protect them is to take their lives way
- Human life -> most important thing, value of life is taking away Rhodes who take others
- Retribution and compensation for taking life is for the criminals to be taken


NON RELIGIOUS arguments AGAINST capital punishment

- No court system can be sure the right verdict is given
- Statistics show death penalty doesn't deter murder
- Human life is the most important thing no one has the right to take it
- Life imprisonment is worse then death as people have commuted suicide


CHRISTIANS FOR the death penalty

- Bible has the death penalty -> allowed by God
- RCC and COE haven't retracted their statements which permit capital punishment
- Christian church used CP, can't be un Christian
- Thomas Aquinas argued punishment should reform the sinner, place in society -> christians used cp to preserve peace in society


CHRISTIAN AGAINST Capital punishment

- Based on belief that Jesus came to reform sinners (impossible to do if they are executed)
- Jesus banned retribution when he said an eye for an eye (permits OT)
- Most Christian churches have condemned CP
- Human life is sacred; Only God has the right to take it


Laws on drugs and alcohol

- Illegal to sell tobacco products under the age of 18
- All tobacco packs must have Heath warnings (pictures)
- All adverts for tobacco products are banned
- 16 & 17 you can drink beer, wine or cider with a meal
- Against the law for anyone under 18 to buy alcohol
- Some towns & cities ban drinking alcohol in public