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Christians FOR IVF

- Children are CENTRAL marriage
- IVF is acceptable as destroyed embryos were not to be born
- The egg and sperm are from BIOLOGICAL parents


Christians AGAINST IVF

- Church encourages ADOPTION not IVF
- Involves masturbation (SIN)
- Destroyed embryos is killing life (do not kill)
- Only GOD can decide when life begins ( non-one has the right to children)


Muslims FOR IVF

- Use of medicine to bring a family (all should have)
- IVF is acceptable as destroyed embryos were not to be born
- The egg and sperm are from BIOLOGICAL parents



- IF egg or sperm isn't from parent it's an ACT OF ADULTERY
- Some are donations (goes against children should know where they came from)


Why is IVF important

- Infertile couples can have a child
- 1.5 million men have fertility problems
- Part of human nature
- Couples can have physiological problems as they're desperate for children


What MUSLIMS believe (Stewardship)

- Reduce pollution & preserve resources (shariahs law)
- Fair sharing of earths resources
- Judgement day (look after Earth)
- A test from God - duty to preserve environment


What CHRISTIANS believe (Stewardship)

- To leave the earth a better place
- Leave a fair sharing of Earths resources
- Judged by God on behaviour as stewards
- Can only become a good Christian by being a good steward and conserve environment


Alternative ways to get electricity

- Solar panels
- Hydroelectric power
- Wind turbines


Possible solution of rubbish

RECYCLING will enable a lifetime or finite resources to be extended, e.g. cars made from 75% plastic


Possible solution of Oil running out

Scientists are working on using chemicals from plants rather than oil to produce such things as plastics


Possible solution of Cars running out

Car manufactures are looking at WATER and ELECTRIC batteries as a Wu of powering cars


4 Solutions of non renewable energy

- Solar/Wind power
- Electric cars
- Recycling
- Use chemicals from plants to replace oil


If Oil ran out there would be no...

- Cars
- Plastic
- Tarmac roads


Why is Global warming big

- Countries get flooded (sea levels rising)
- Everyone is effected
- Rising temp cause desert countries (Spain)
- Population displacement (loss of plants animals and human life


Christians FOR transplant surgery

- The body doesn't need organs after death
- St. Paul said the body will not need organs after resurrection
- Love you neighbour ( saving lives)
- Treat others as you wish to be treated


Christians AGAINST transplant surgery

- Transplanting organs interrupting gods role wrong to play God
- Raises the problem of when someone is dead (heart transplants have to be removed bridge heat stops)
- Raises moral/ emotional problems: Do they save the accident victim or the person who needs a transplant
- Diverts resources which could improve more people's lives


Muslims FOR transplant surgery

- Muslim lawyers said it is permissible
- Muslim law said they could have donor cards
- Aims to do good and won't burden people


Muslims AGAINST transplant surgery

- Shariah teaching says nothing should be removed
- Many Muslims believe they will need their body for resurrection
- Sanctity of life - all organs are Gods