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What is a Structured Interview?

Where all participants are asked the same questions in the same order


Advantage and disadvantage of Structured interviews

+ Replicated easily
- Time consuming


What is a Unstructured interview?

Where participants discuss anything freely and the interviewer devices questions on the basis of answers given


Advantage and disadvantage of Unstructured interviews

+ Rich and detailed information
- Social desirability can affect results


What is a Questionnaire?

A sheet or written document of a series of questions, all are structured and the participants are asked to answer them all in the same order


Advantages and disadvantages of Questionnaires

+ Collects large amounts of data quickly
- Questions can be unclear and lean to a desired response


What are Open questions?

A question which allows the participant to say as much bad they like, the data is detailed and qualitative as it has no predetermined answers


Advantages and disadvantages of Open questions

+ Gather detailed explanations
- Difficult to make statistical comparisons


What are Closed questions?

A question where the participant is limited in their voice, quantitative data collected through predetermined answers


Advantages and disadvantages of Closed questions

+ Data can be analysed
- No explanation for why they answered what they did


What is the Rating scale?

Where an ascending list of numbers rate the strength of opinion


Advantages and disadvantages of rating scales

+ Numerical value for easy comparison
- Sharing the same value cannot mean sharing the same opinion, don't learn the reasoning


What is a Likert scale?

Where the participants rate their agreement of a statement given to them


Advantage and disadvantage of Likert scales

+ Mentions all possible agreements or disagreements
- Doesn't allow for justification