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what modalities are transmitted by the paleospinothalamic tract?

slow, dull, poorly-localized pain sensation


what type of peripheral nerve fibers are associated with the paleospinothalamic tract?

C fibers - nonmyelinated


where do the axons of second order neurons in the paleospinothalamic tract terminate?

reticular formation - medulla, pons, midbrain


where does the spinomesencephalic tract terminate? what is its function?

1. PAG, midbrain raphe nuclei 2. modulate transmission of nociception


where does the spinotectal tract terminate? what is its function?

1. superior colliculus 2. causes reflex turning of the head, eyes, and trunk in direction of noxious stimulus


where does the spinohypothalamic tract terminate? what is its function?

1. hypothalamus 2. autonomic and reflex responses to noxious stimuli


is the spinothalamic tract a crossed tract?



what is the result of syringomyelia in the cervical region?

anterior white commissure fibers are damaged, leading to loss of pain and temperature sensation over the shouders and ULs, LMN weakness and atrophy, and possible UMN damage affecting LLs