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what is the shape of an epidural hematoma? does it cross the midline?

1. lens shaped 2. yes


what is the shape of a subdural hematoma? does it cross the midline?

1. sickle shaped 3. no


where is the third ventricle located?

midline region of diencephalon


what are the boundaries of the fourth ventricle?

posterior - cerebellum anterior - pons and rostral medulla


the anterior choroidal artery is a direct branch of what artery? posterior choroidal?

1. anterior choroidal - middle cerebral 2. posterior choroidal - posterior cerebral


blood passes through which layers to go from a blood vessel to get to CNS tissue?

endothelium of capillary, pia mater, ependymal lining


what is the 'true blood brain barrier'?

tight junctions of the endothelial cells of the cerebral capillaries (astrocytes and glial cells control access to neurons)