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what are the deep nuclei of the cerebellum?

1. fastigial 2. interposed (globose + emboliform) 3. dentate


what deep nucleus of the cerebellum forms the roof of the 4th ventricle?



what are the three major inputs to the cerebellum?

1. spinal cord 2. vestibular system 3. motor cortex


the vestibulocerebellum is located in which cerebellar lobe? what is the input? output? deep nuclei relay?

1. lobe - floculonodular 2. input - inner ear and nuclei 3. output - medial longitudinal fasciculus (CN 3, 4, 6), vestibulospinal tracts 4. relay - vestibular nuclei


the spinocerebellum is located in which cerebellar lobe? what is the input? output? deep nuclei relay?

1. lobe - vermal / paravermal 2. input - dorsal and ventral spinocerebellar tracts 3. output - vestibulospinal, reticulospinal tracts 4. relay - fastigial and interposed


the cerebrocerebellum is located in which cerebellar lobe? what is the input? outpus? deep nuclei relay?

1. lobe - lateral hemispheres 2. input - corticopontocerebellar tracts, olivocerebellar tract 3. output - dentorubrothalamic tract, rubrospinal tract 4. relay - dentate


what is the function of the vestibulocerebellum?

posture, balance, eye/head movements


what is the function of the spinocerebellum?

muscle tone, adjusting movements of axial trunk and proximal limbs


what is the function of cerebrocerebellum?

1. preparation - predicting force, velocity, trajectory 2. precise control of executed movements (timing, duration, force, velocity, trajectory) of hands and especially fingers


what are some key similarities between the cerebellum (cerebrocerebellum) and basal ganglia?

1. relay through thalamus 2. modification or adjustment of motor commands 3. no paralysis with lesions


what are the three layers and cell types of the cerebellar cortex?

1. outermost molecular layer 2. purkinje layer 3. granular layer


what is the main function of the purkinje cells?

inhibitory to deep cerebellar nuclei


what is the relationship of the climbing fiber (inferior olive) system to the purkinje cells?

excitatory synpases on purkinje cells (1:1)


the inferior olive nucleus is thought to be involved in what function?

procedural / adaptive learning, adjusting learning based on feedback, reinforcing motor skills


how are the functions of the basal ganglia and cerebellum different?

1. basal ganglia have a "permissive" function - inhibiting / facilitating involuntary movements 2. cerebellum has an "execution" function - plan, correct, fine tune


what is dysmetria?

inability to judge distance or scale - overshooting intended position with hand, arm, leg, or eye


what is dysdiadochokinesia?

DDK - impaired ability to perform rapid, alternating movements