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Explain Testicular torsion

It is the twisting of the spermatic chord, and can therefore cause a lot of pain due to ischaemia


Explain hereditary haemochromatosis

It is when there is increased intestinal absorption of iron which can therefore lead to damage to the heart and pancreas. It can be reduced by repeated bleeding to remove or reduce the excess iron in the body


Explain co poisoning

Co can bind to haemoglobin and therefore make it harder for enough oxygen to be available for tissues around the body. As a result it can result in hypoxia and cause symptoms like confusion, headaches and dizziness


Explain paracetamol overdose

As paracetamol is a reactive drug, it goes straight into phase two and gets fully saturated due to the high dose. It then goes to phase one and produces NAPQI drug which is toxic. Glutathione is used up to convert the NAPQI drug. However as there is now less glutathione there is increased ROS so therefore leads to liver damage


Explain pancreatitis

It can be caused by alcohol and drugs and is when trypsin. And other digestive enzymes get activated in the pancreas rather than the small intestine. It therefore causes abdominal pain and releases lipase and also amylase


Explain rhabdomyolysis

There is a breakdown of muscle which then releases myoglobin. Myoglobin an however damage kidney cells. It can be a result of trauma and causes symptoms like dark red urine and also muscle tenderness


Explain hepatic steatosis

It is also known as fatty liver disease and it is the first stage of alcoholic lover disease. It is a reversible condition which can damage the liver and therefore reduce protein synthesis of lipoproteins that transport fat around the body. This results in a fatty liver