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skin elasticity is due to the presence of semifluid substances found in the

a. dermis
b. stratum corneum
c. stratum lucidum
d. stratum granulosum

a. dermis


what tans the skin to protect it from the burning rays of the sun?

b. melanin
c. the acid mantle
d. the subcutaneous layer

b. melanin


cells that have absorbed melanin to distribute pigmentation to other cells are located in what layer of the skin?

a. stratum Lucidum
b. stratum corneum
c. stratum spinosum
d. stratum granulosum

c. stratum spinosum


chronic is the term used to identify conditions that are

a. visible
b. brief and severe
c. frequent
d. influenced by weather

c. frequent


a salon professional needs to be able to recognize

a. primary lesions only
b. tertiary lesions only
c. secondary lesions only
d. primary and secondary lesions

d. primary and secondary lesions


an abnormal change in the structure of an organ or tissue is called a(n):

a. wheal
b. fissure
c. lesion
d. infection

c. lesion


accumulations of hardened sebum beneath the skin are called whiteheads or

a. acne
b. Millia
c. roscea
d. comedones

b. millia


the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibers during the aging process causes

a. rosacea
b. freckles
c. macules
d. wrinkles

d. wrinkles


sweat is excreted by what gland?

a. adrenal
b. endocrine
c. sebaceous
d. sudoriferous gland

d. sudoriferous gland


where is the layer of skin called the subcutaneous tissue located?

a. above the cuticle
b. below the dermis
c. above the epidermis
d. below the adipose tissue

b. below the dermis


where are the large blood vessels found that transport nourishment to the skin and nerves?

a. epidermis
b. subcutaneous layer
c. stratum lucidum
d. stratum corneum

b. subcutaneous layer


a pimple is an example of a(n)

a. tertiary skin lesion
b. secondary skin lesion
c. objective symptom (see)
d. subjective symptom (feel)

C. objective symptom


a secondary skin lesion appearing as round, dry patches of skin covered with rough, silvery scales is called

a. acne
b. eczema
c. psoriasis
d. herpes simplex

c. psoriasis


which layer of the epidermis protects the skins moisture balance by acting as a barrier to moisture loss?

a. stratum corneum
b. stratum lucidum
c. stratum spinosum
d. stratum granulosum

a. stratum corneum


which of the following is a highly contagious bacterial infection that produces a honey yellow, crusted lesion that is usually found on the face?

a. eczema
b. seborrhea
c. impetigo
d. milliaria rubra

c. impetigo


what is a condition called that is characterized by dry, scaly skin with reduced sebum production?

a. rosacea
b. steatoma
c. asteatosis
d. seborrhea

c. asteatosis


one example of a papule is a

a. macule
b. pimple
c. vesicle
d. tubercle



what is composed of adipose tissue and loose, connective tissue?

a. dermis
b. epidermis
c. acid mantle
d. subcutaneous layer

d. subcutaneous layer


anhidrosis is caused by

a. lack of sleep
b. fever/disease
c. foul smelling perspiration
d. over production of perspiration



oily skin is usually characterized by all of the following descriptions except:

a. blackheads
b. enlarged pores
c. peeling/flaking
d. an all over shiny look



person exposed to excessive heat may develop small red vesicles with burning and itching of the skin called pricky heat or:

a. eczema
b. anhidrosis
c. bromidrosis
d. miliria rubra

d. miliria rubra


warts are the most common

a. ulcers
b. excoriations
c. skin tumors
d. form of moles tumors


which condition is caused by excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands?

a. milia
b. steatosis
c. seborrhea
d. bromidrosis



Which of the following is not one of the six basic functions of the skin?

A. Absorption
B. Protection
C. Regulation
D. Inoculation

D. Inoculation


Which of the following is not one of the three main layers of the skin?

A. Dermis
B. Corium
C. Epidermis
D. Subcutaneous

B. Corium


An example of a wheal lesion is

A. Pies
B. Tumors
C. Bullas
D. Pimples

A. Pies


The papillary canal takes oil(sebum) to the

A. Nerves
B. Keratin
C. Blood vessels
D. surface of the skin

D. surface of the skin


Healthy skin require special care to maintain its healthy, elasticity, vibrancy and

A. Color
B. Pallor
C. Dryness
D. Dullness

A. Color


The epidermis is composed of how many layers

A. 1
B. 3
C. 5
D. 7

C. 5


Scars are formations that result whenever a lesion extends into the

A. Dermis
B. Epidermis
C. Stratum lucidum
D. Stratum granulosum

A. Dermis