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An abnormal coverage of hair on areas of the body where normally only lanugo or fine baby hair appears is a condition known as:
a) canities
b) hypertrichosis
c) ringworm
d) itch mite

B: Hypertrichosis


What type of rinse is used after a color service to prevent the color from fading:
a) medicated
b) liquid dry
c) plain
d) acid-balanced

D: Acid-Balanced


Which of the following steps would be performed first during a shampoo procedure:
a) wet hair down
b) apply shampoo
c) rinse hair
d) position cape outside of the shampoo bowl

D: Position Cape on Outside of Shampoo Chair


A primary cause of water spill accidents is:
a) low water pressure
b) not using a towel
c) giving a scalp massage
d) excessive water pressure

D: Excessive water pressure


The pigment that gives hair it's color is found primarily in the:
a) cortex
b) cuticle
c) medulla
d) anagen

A: Cortex


A condition in which beads or nodes form on the hair shaft is called:
a) abraded
b) fragilities cranium
c) monilethrix
d) dry dandruff

C: Monilethrix


What scalp disease might be present if prior to a service several dry yellow encrusted areas on the scalp are noticed along with a particular order:
a) scabies
b) pityriasis
c) tine favosa
d) nodules

C: Tinea favosa


Before applying a water stream to a client's scalp, when shampooing always:
a) apply shampoo
b) monitor the water temperature
c) hard water
d) test the pH

B: Monitor the water temperature


When looking through a microscope, which portion of the hair would display living cells:
a) hair bulb
b) cuticle
c) hair shaft
d) hair strand

A. Hair bulb


Gray hair is sometimes referred to as:
a) melanin
b) eumelanin
c) mottled hair
d) phenomelanin

C: Mottled hair


A abraded cuticle can result from all of the following except:
a) brushing
b) shampooing
c) pulling
d) friction

B: Shampooing


Oil glands are attached to the side of:
a) epidermis
b) stratum corneum
c) horny layer
d) root sheath or follicle

D: Root sheath or follicle


Located at the bottom of the follicle and supplying nutriment to the germinal matrix is the:
a) sudoriferous
b) sebaceous gland
c) papilla
d) stratum

C: Papilla


The active growing stage of the hair lasts from:
a) 3 months
b) 2-6 years
c) 9 months
d) 1 year

B: 2-6 years


What is formed when sebum produced by the oil glands mies with the bodies perspiration:
a) water
b) acid mantel
c) heat
d) oil

B: Acid mantel


What massage manipulation involves circular movement with no gliding and is used when less pressure is desired:
a) friction
b) petrissage
c) tapotement
d) effleurage

A: Friction


A disorder that refers to thick cluster patches of red irritated scalp is known as:
a) psoriasis
b) head lice
c) alopecia areata
d) ring worm

A: Psoriasis


The normal temporary hair loss occurring at the conclusion of pregnancy is:
a) alopecia areata
b) traumatic alopecia
c) telogen effluvium
d) postpartum alopecia

D: Postpartum alopecia


Guidelines to protect the client include all of the following actions except:
a) wash hands w/antibacterial soap
b) avoid use of a neck strip when performing a hair cutting service
c) drape guest
d) disinfect area

B: Avoid use of a neck strip when performing a hair cutting service


When performing a shampoo service cup your hand over all of the following service areas except:
a) hairline
b) ears
c) crown area
d) nape

C: Crown area


The baby fine silky hair that is shed shortly after birth and replaced with vellus is known as:
a) cilia
b) supercilia
c) lanugo
d) terminal

C: Lanugo


Products claiming hair regrowth or hair loss prevention can not be marketed without which agency review and approval:
b) FDA
c) EPA



Hair grows from a tube like pocket called a root sheath or a:
a) erector pili
b) follicle
c) bulb
d) papilla

B: follicle


Red water vesicles or pus-filled areas are caused by an itch mite burrowing under the skin are known as:
a) head lice
b) scabies
c) dandruff
d) ring worm

B: Scabies


The large variety of hair color is influenced by the amount, size and distribution of:
a) course and medium hair
b) mottled and elastic hair
c) ultraviolet and infrared rays
d) eumelanin and phenomelanin

D: Eumelanin and phenomelanin


The 2 primary parts of hair are the hair fiber and the:
a) hair strand
b) follicle
c) hair root
d) papilla

C: Hair root


If the scalp appears abnormal at all because of hair loss, a client should see:
a) podiatrist
b) cosmetologist
c) dermatologist
d) therapist

C: Dermatologist


Which of the following refers to baldness that occurs early in life, beginning as early as late adolescence:
a) traumatic alopecia
b) alopecia areata universalis
c) alopecia prematura
d) alopecia areata

C: Alopecia prematura


Which of the following massage manipulators has a relaxing and soothing effect:
a) petrissage
b) tapotement
c) friction
d) effleurage

D: Effleurage


The amount of hair that should be parted and wrapped around a perm rod roller or a curling iron is influenced by:
a) porosity
b) density
c) viscosity
d) texture

B: Density