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what is the smallest unit of hair?

a. atom
b. side bond
c. amino acid
d. polypeptide chain

a. atom


putting a sodium hydroxide relaxer under a hair dryer

a. will link together all protein groups
b. could turn into van Der Waals force
c. will increase the hairs amino acid content
d. could break the critical peptide bonds and destroy the protein structure

d. could break the critical peptide bonds and destroy the protein structure


what makes up the primary composition of hair?

a. keratin
b. protons
c. electrons
d. trace minerals

a. keratin


which bonds found in the hair can be easily broken by heat or water?

a. salt bonds
b. disulfide bonds
c. hydrogen bonds
d. van der Waals force

c. hydrogen bonds


the term used to identify anything that occupies space is called

a. gas
b. matter
c. solid



matter with definite weight, volume and shape is known as

a. matter
b. organic
c. gas
d. solid

d. solid


when two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom, the result is water, which is called a(n):

a. atom
b. mixture
c. element
d. compound

d. compound


which of the following is the most abundant element in the earths crust and the second most abundant element in the earths atmosphere?

a. oxygen
b. carbon
c. hydrogen
d. nitrogen

a. oxygen


which of the following conditions indicates chemical change?

a. water to ice
b. water to steam
c. raindrops turning to snow
d. oxygen and hydrogen combining to form water

d. oxygen and hydrogen combining to form water


Rachel is planning to use a complementary color scheme for her future salon decor. which of the choices below would she consider for her complementary scheme?

a. green and red
b. red and yellow
c. blue and yellow
d.purple and orange

a. green and red


a mixture of blue with what color produces green?

a. red
b. brown
c. yellow
d. orange

c. yellow


when mixing two primary colors in varying proportions, the three secondary colors produced are

a. Red blue and green
b. Red blue and yellow
c.Red orange green
d. Orange green and violet

d. orange, green and violet


colors found opposite one another on the color wheel are referred to as

a. Pure colors
b. Tertiary colors
c. Secondary colors
d. Complementary colors

d. complementary colors


all of the following statements are true about color except

a. Color is a phenomenon of light
b. Color is a group of electromagnetic waves
c. Color doesn’t depend on presence of light
d.color can be seen if wavelengths are reflected off an object

c. color does not depend on presence of light


tone can be expressed by which of the following descriptions?

a. Light or dark
b. Bright or dull colors
c. Mild or strong colors
d. Warm, cool or neutral

d. warm, cool or neutral colors


if a clients skin tone falls into the yellow, red and orange category it would be classified as

a. cool
b. dark
c. light
d. warm

d. warm


fine hair, which is less resistance, may appear to process in what manner when depositing color?

a. lighter
b. darker
c. redder
d. warmer

b. darker


chemical products such as hair colors, lighteners, perms and relaxers affect:

a. the length of the hair
b. the growth of the hair
c. the porosity of the hair
d. the diameter of the hair

c. the porosity o the hair


melanocytes produce small egg-shaped structures called:

a. cuticles
b. proteins
c. polymers
d. melanosomes

d. melanosomes


the hairs ability to absorb moisture, liquids or chemicals is referred to as

a. texture
b. porosity
c. intensity

B. Porosity


when creating a color formula for a client with 75-80% gray hair, select a color that is:

a. one level darker than the desired shade
b. one level lighter than the desired shade
c. two levels lighter than the desired shade
d. three levels lighter than desired

a. one level darker than the desired shade


eumelanin represents what color pigment In hair?

a. gray
b. white
c. yellow/red
d. brown/ black

d. brown/ black


which type of porosity may take longer to absorb coloring?

b. average
c. extreme
d. resistant

d. resistant


a level of color shows

a. the porosity of hair
b. the depth of intensity
c. the warmth or coolness of hair
d. the lightness or darkness of hair

d. the lightness or darkness hair


in the case of uneven or extreme porosity, which type of product may be needed to ensure even color absorption?

a. pomade
b. filler
c. conditioner
d. protective base

b. filler


after viewing the cortex of hair under a microscope, red hair color would be determined due to a

a. small amount of pheomelanin
b. small population of eumelanin
c. dense concentration of eumelanin
d. predominant amount of pheomelanin

d. predominant amount of pheomelanin


which color technique is shown in the following illustration?

a. slicing
b. picking
c. weaving
d. chunking

c. weaving


which of the following statements is true of permanent hair colors?

a. they life color only
b. they deposit color only
c. they never need a retouch procedure
d. they can lift and deposit color in one process

d. they can lift and deposit color in one process


during a client consultation prior to the service, which of the following items could be used to better understand the clients specific desires?

a. appointment book
b. hair color swatches
c. client release statement
d. history of taking vitamins

b. hair color swatches


a combination of metallic dyes and vegetable dyes are known as

a. henna
b. lighteners
c. acid dyes
d. compound dyes

d. compound dyes