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Slicers have a __________.

Rotating blade to sliced meats, vegetables, fruits, cheese, etc.


Slicers may be ______ drive or _______.

Manual drive or automatic.


Slicers may be ______ feed, or _______ or _______ feed.

Gravity feed, or pressure or hand feed.


The eight steps in using a slicer are:

1. Be certain slicer is stable and properly assembled.
2. Connect slicer to power supply.
3. Place food in carriage.
4. Adjust blade control.
5. Turn on switch.
6. Manually slice and weigh one slice; then readjust blade control as necessary.
7. Slice the food manually or automatically, checking portion slices as necessary.
8. Turn off switch and disconnect power source.


The eleven steps in cleaning the slicer:

1. Check to see that power is disconnected.
2. Set Blade control indicator at zero.
3. Remove large pieces of food with a damp cloth.
4. Wipe slicer exterior with cloth dampened in hot detergent solution; rinse and dry.
5. Remove receiving tray (if possible), carriage, and blade guards.
6. Wipe, rinse, and sanitize gauge plate.
7. Wipe blade with detergent solution using heavy cloth, rinse, sanitize, and air dry.
8. Wash, rinse, sanitize, and air dry tray, carriage, and blade guards.
9. Replace parts.
10. Clean under slicer.
11. Cover with plastic or clean towel.


A mixer _____________.

Combines or blends food, cuts and fat, incorporates air, and develops gluten.


Seven safety precautions for the slicer are:

1. Be certain hands are dry.
2. Be certain cord is dry and clean.
3. Always have blade guard on.
4. Keep hands away from blade.
5. Be certain machine is unplugged before cleaning.
6. Keep water away from motor and electrical wiring.
7. Keep blades sharp.


The two steps to clean the mixer:

1. Wash, rinse, sanitize, and air dry bowl and agitator.
2. Wash, rinse, and dry bowl support, beater shaft, shell and base.


The 10 steps in using a mixer:

1. Select correct bowl.
2. Place bowl securely on the bowl support.
3. Select proper agitator.
4. Place agitator securely on shaft.
5. Raise bowl.
6. Select proper speed and increase gradually.
7. Stop mixer and scrape bowl with long handled spatula.
8. Turn off mixer when mixing is done.
9. Lower bowl and remove agitator.
10. Remove bowl.


Five guidelines for use of mixer are:

1. Allow motor to cool between task.
2. Lubricate as needed.
3. Never put utensils or hands in bowl when mixer is on.
4. Never remove agitators while mixer is on.
5. Select correct bowl and fasten securely to bowl support.


The food chopper can _____.

Cut, mix, and chop.


The nine steps in using the food chopper are:

1. Check to see that machine is properly assembled.
2. Close and lock bowl cover.
3. Plug-in machine and turn it on.
4. Feed food into bowl slowly, using a rubber spatula.
5. Turn off switch and disconnect.
6. Wait for blades to stop.
7. Remove food from exposed part of bowl.
8. Release safety catch.
9. Raise bowl cover and remove remaining food.


The eight steps in cleaning the food chopper are:

1. Check to see that power supply is disconnected.
2. Remove cover out of hinge.
3. Remove knife comb.
4. Slide knife unit from shaft.
5. Remove bowl.
6. Wash, rinse, sanitize, and air dry parts.
7. Wash, rinse, and dry base.
8. Reassemble food chopper.


Seven guidelines for use of food chopper are:

1. Be certain machine is properly assembled before use.
2. Fill bowl not more than 2/3 full.
3. Always use rubber spatula to remove food.
4. Be certain knives have stopped before opening cover.
5. Keep knives sharp.
6. Lubricate as needed.
7. Do not cut frozen food, meat with bone, or large pieces of food.