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What is the definition of sporting excellence?

Special ability beyond the norm to which many aspire but few go on to achieve


What is included in the foundation level of the sports development programme?

Active recreation
Basics learning the sport
Pe classes


What is included in the participation level of sports development programme?

School sports
Choosing to go along to clubs


What is included in the performance level of the sports development programme?

Performing regionally
Interclub leagues regional and local coaching and training


What is included in the Elie level of sports development programme?

Common weath games


What does a performer need physically to be a athlete?

Natural ability
High level of heath and fitness
High pain thresholds
Possible preferred somatotype


What does a performer need psychologically to be a professional athlete?

Willingness to train (motivation) high level of competitiveness
Commitment and sacrifice
Mental toughness


What does a Athlete need in terms in socio-cultural factors?

Traditions of sport participation
Parental influence
Role models
Accessibility of facilities and coachs
Popularity of sport at school
Teacher specialist
General discrimination e.g. gender, race, economic status, disability


What is meant by the term elite sport?

The most talented sportsmen and women only a few can reach this standard of performance yet require a substantial level of funding and resources


Give three advantages for the individual when society makes a decision to develop elite athletes?

Sport represents a challenge
As a society we encourage excellence academically
It provides individuals with self esteem and the ability to act a role models to others


give three advantages for society when they make a decision to develop elite athletes

sporting success can boost national pride and morale
helps to reduce anti-social behavior
sport is considered a healthy pursuit, if preserved by the mass will reduce strain on nhs


define the term 'talent identification

a system for the initial selection of people based on their potential to develop into an elite athlete


According to oakley and Green what should an effective elite sport development system contain?

monitoring system
well structured competitive programmes with ongoing international exposure
well developed facilities for the elite performer
lifestyle support during athletes career
targeting of resources on focus sports
comprehensive planning for each sports needs


what are the four talent identification programmes?

sporting giants
sprint kayak


what are the sporting giants?

trying to find tall athletic talent for Olympic sports of handball , rowing, volleyball for london 2012


what are the girls4gold?

has ultimate aim of finding exceptional female talent capable of medallion at London 2012


what is pitch2podium?

Attempt to switch young footballers rejected as professionals to targeted Olympic sports for London 2012


what is sprint kayak?

involves testing successful ex-swimmers to see if they have the necessary qualities to be fast tracked into making a competitive k4 crew for London 2012