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Why was the Bill of Rights adopted?

Because the Antifederalists refused to ratify the Constitution until the basic rights of people were protected from the power of the Federal Government


What do we call it when one branch of government holds another accountable for overstepping their bounds?

Check and balances


What did John Locke's call his idea that governments get their power from the people that they govern?

Social Contract


Why was Alexander Hamilton's plan for a national bank an example of a "loose interpretation" of the Constitution?

The Constitution did not specifically say that Congress had the power to create a national bank - but it didn't prohibit it from creating one either


How is "Judicial Review" an example of "checks and balances?"

The Supreme Court has the power to determine if laws passed by Congress and signed by the President are Constitutional - when it does this it's checking to make sure they didn't overstep their bounds.


Why was the Declaration of Independence written?

To explain to the world - and colonists who didn't agree - what the King George III had done to deprive the colonies of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. This would explain why they were declaring themselves free and independent of Britain.


Were the American colonists against paying taxes?

NO! Every colony allowed their legislature to tax them - they just didn't want England to tax with without any representatives from the colonies to present their opinion on the matter.


South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia are all examples of colonies from which region?

The South


New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are all examples of colonies from which region?



Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire are all examples of colonies from which region?

New England


Why was Pennslvania founded?

William Penn, a Quaker, wanted to create a religiously tolerant society.


The Central Conflict between Hamilton and Jefferson was over what idea?

How to interpret the Constitution - Loosely or Strictly?


What is Judicial Review?

The Power of the Supreme Court to declare that a law is NOT Constitutional - this strikes the law down. This power was added to the Supreme Court when John Marshall was the chief justice.


Why did the Articles of Confederation give so much power to individual states?

Americans were afraid that a strong central government would end up abusing the people like England had, so they didn't create one.


The Marshall Court (the court under John Marshall's leadership) is best known for consistently doing what?

Strengthening the power of the Federal Government


How did Shay's Rebellion demonstrate a need for a stronger central government?

It proved that the Central government under the Articles of Confederation wasn't strong enough to keep its promises to its people - it couldn't even pay veterans their pensions!


How did the French-Indian War lead to the American Revolution?

Parliament taxed the colonists without their consent to pay for the war. The protests grew louder and stronger until war became inevitable.