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How was the Cold War good for the American Economy?

The US spent lots of $$$ on defense during this time period.


What role did women primarily play in the homefront during WWII?

Working in industrial jobs vacated by men who went off to fight in the war


Who was President during the Cuban Missile Crisis?



This was the type of Government shared by Japan, Germany, Italy, and Russia during WWII



How was Germany divided up among the allies at the end of WWII?

Russia took the eastern half, including half of Berlin, while France, England, and the US took the west.


How did Russia attempt to take over the democratic half of Berlin?

By blockading it so that the West couldn't get supplies into the city.


How did the Treaty of Versailles set up WWII?

Forced Germany to pay back more money than it possibly could & took away huge amounts of land from them. The Germans hated this so much that they wanted to fight back against these restrictions.


What country in the Western Hemisphere became Communist in the 1950's?



What was the American response to Japan's invasion of Manchuria? Why didn't we do more?

We placed restrictions on gas and steel exports to Japan - we COULDN'T do anything else because of the Neutrality Laws that had been passed.


Why did the US offer $$ to many European countries after WWII as part of the Marshall Plan?

To encourage them to side with us rather than Russia in the Cold War


On which two cities were the atomic bombs dropped during WWII?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki