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How many commitments were there at the world food summit plan of action?



Name three commitments of the world food summit plan of action?

1) Policies aimed at eradicating poverty; access to sufficient, nutritionally adequate and safe food
2) Prevent and be prepared for natural disasters and man-made emergencies
3) Implement, monitor, and follow-up this plan


What are the 7 key words from the world food summit plan of action?

- Environment
- Nutritionally adequate and safe food
- Sustainable food policies
- Fair world trade system
- Prevent
- Public and private investments
- Monitor and follow-up


What is the major issue with meetings between organizations to fix food security issues?

- In very few cases do organizations ask individuals affected what they should do
- Individuals affected are NOT consulted


What was the goal of golden rice?

Aid in vitamin A deficiency


What was the major issue with golden rice?

Individuals targeted were not asked their preference of rice, they refused to eat golden rice


What are the 6 developmental interventions on household food security?

1) Environment, institutional development, village associations
2) New technologies, irrigation, credit
3) Agricultural extension, skills training, literacy
4) Infrastructure
5) Nutrition and care education
6) Water and sanitation


What are the three main strategies against undernutrition?

- Food-based strategies
- Supplementation
- Global public health and disease control measures must be set in place


What are four food-based strategies against undernutrition?

1) Increase food production
2) Improve dietary diversification
3) Food fortification (biofortification)
4) Contextualized nutrition education


What is the most sustainable approach to prevent micronutrient deficiency and contribute to general malnutrition prevention?

Food fortification (biofortification)


What are three components of the food systems approach?

1) Food production and processing
2) Storage and preservation
3) Communication and education


What are the three major priorities?

1) Rapid pro-poor economic growth
2) Effective provision of public goods
3) Empowerment of poor people


What are the seven high-priority policy actions?

1. Invest in human resources.
2. Improve access to productive resources and remunerative employment.
3. Improve markets, infrastructure, and institutions.
4. Expand appropriate research, knowledge, and technology.
5. Improve natural resource management.
6. Promote good governance.
7. Support sound national and international trade and macroeconomic policies.


What are the five pathways to reshape the global food system?

1) Invest in agricultural R&D to produce more nutrition with less
2) Fix the fundamentals (marketing, infrastructure)
3) Empower women in liking agriculture to nutrition
4) Transform smallholder agriculture for nutrition-driven outcomes
5) Improve food safety


According to the FAO (2012), in order for economic growth to enhance the nutrition of the neediest, the _____________________________________.

poor must participate in the growth process and its benefits