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What dates were the Second Five Year Plan?



What were the two industrial centres focussed on by the plans?

Leningrad and Moscow


Why was the Third FYP geared towards the defence industry?

Because of the increasing tension between the international community


In a military-focussed move, where did the Second FYP move the industry? And why?

They moved to the east of the Ural Mountains, because it would be safer should there be an attack from the West


What did Historian 'A. Nove' say about the production figures

That the fact that the target production for machinery was over-fulfilled but there was less success in production of Metal which is strange because of the connections the two industries have


Between 1928-41, what growth rate did the USSR experience as a result of these economic policies

17% growth rate


Successes of the FYPs

Four fold increase in the production of steel
Six fold increase in coal production
Dnieper dam project, which was built to provide power was evidence of the successes being had


What happened to the consumer industries

Production of textiles declined during 1st FYP
Housing industry was ignored
Shortage was made worse by collectivisation which destroyed a lot of cottage industry


During the Second FYP, what was there a development of? In terms of consumer goods?

Food production and Food processing made significant increases. Bakeries, ice cream and meat-packing factories were established but there was still shortages


Which industries made progress during the second and third year plans

Chemical Industry
Coal Industry (Between 1932-1937, doubled from 64.3 million tons to 128.0 million tons)