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Define SUDI

1. Any child all sudden and unexpected deaths of infants less than 12 months old, who have died in their sleep with the cause of death not initially known.


Causes of sudden unexpected death of infant

1. SIDS 2. Other sudden death, cause unknown- autopsy carried out 3. Other ill defined and unspecified- no autopsy 4. Suffocation while sleeping - asphyxiation 5. Explained: child abuse/homicide, infection, metabolic disorders, genetic disorders, other causes


Define SIDS

1. Sudden death of any infant or young child that is unexplained on history and in which a thorough post-mortem evaluation fails to demonstrate an adequate cause of death. 2.


Risk factors

1. Infant: < 1year of age, preterm, low birth weight, neonatal health issues, first born, male

2. Parental: mother < 20 years of age, poor antenatal care, cigarette smoking during and after pregnancy, abuse of alcohol or drugs, depression, indigenous

3. Environmental: low socio economic group, change in care practices (increased risk on weekends)

4. Modifiable: sleep position, sleep environment and reduction in exposure to cigarette smoke

5. Non-modifiable: serve as markers for 'at risk' infants.


?Protective factors

1. Breast-feeding 2. Dummies 3. Room sharing 4. Monitors have no real benefit



1. Back to sleep

2. Safe sleep environment:

Firm surface, flat Position feet to end of bed

Blankets firmly tucked in.

No doonas or quilts

When rolling 4mo, swaddling not appropriate

DOn't put to sleep in prams, bouncers

No toys in cot

3. Smoke free

4. No co-sleeping Same room, own cot

5. Pacifiers- can consider Use when putting infant down to sleep Don't reinsert once the infant is asleep Do not force use Do not coat with anything sweet Clean often Delay initiation for one month to establish breast feeding

6. Look at information on sidsandkids, QUITLINE

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