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Eating sugar gains more what
Eating sugar is bad for our what
What can excessive sugar lead to

Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Tooth decay and some cancers


What is the maximum amount of sugar allowed per day?



What are free sugars

These are sugars found cakes,biscuits,chocolate,frosted breakfast cereals and sugary drinks. They are called ‘free sugars’ because during the processing the sugar is separated and released from the cell.


What are intrinsic sugars

They are intact sugars that are made naturally and found in WHOLE fruit and vegetables. These sugars have not been released from their cells, due to this they have no effect on any health disorders.


How many portions of fruit/veg should we have a day

5 portions


Why should we restrict drinking fruit juices and smoothies to one glass a day?

These drinks contain a high percentage of PROCESSED sugars from fruits (free sugars). Also a variety of fruit and veg is required to increase range of nutrients.