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What does the general term CVD mean?

A general term for conditions affecting the heart or blood.


Approximately 11 people have a heart attack per day.



A heart attack occurs by

the build up of fatty deposits or choleterol in the coronary arteries thus blocking it. This stops the blood flowing into the heart. The fatty deposits have been made by sugar and fat.


What is the name for the medical event where an artery to the vein gets blocked?

A stroke. This occurs in the same context.


Name non modifiable risk factors of CVD

Gender- Being a male
Getting older
Family histroy


Name many modifiable risk factors of CVD

Eating too much saturated fat
Eating too much salt
Consuming too much alcohol
Lack of physical activity


Why is Smoking a risk factor of CVD

This damaged the lining of the arteries. Nicotine stimulates the body, making it produce adrenalin which makes the heart beat faster. By doing this, the blood pressure increases.
Blood also becomes more stick and tends to clot.


Why is eating too much saturated fat a risk factor?

It increase the blood cholesterol


Why is a lack of physical activity a risk factor of CVD?

Since the heart is not getting the required exercise due to it being a muscle, it becomes weaker and then blood cant be pumped around to the required parts of the body when needed. Inactive people have a greater risk of becoming overweight.


Why is eating too much salt a risk factor of CVD

Eating too much salt increase the blood pressure levels.


Why is consuming too much alcohol a risk factor of CVD?

Excessive alcohol can damage the heart muscle, increase the blood pressure and result in weight gain. This ultimately leads to CVD.


A new found way of preventing CVD through diet is following the mediterranean diet.
What foods are typically eaten in the mediterranean diet?

Olive, rapeseed and sunflower oils.
Moderate alcohol consumption.
Oatcakes, digestives.
More vitamin D
Lean meats, seafood and oily fish.
Less saturated fat from red meat and dairy foods.
Whole grain breads, brown pasta and brown rice.


What is oily fish?

This is fish which contains a special type of unsaturated fat called Omega 36 which reduces blood clotting in arteries.


What is olive oil do to prevent CVD

provide monounsaturated fats which are thought to reduce the risk.