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dispersed settlement

where individual buildings are spread out across a landscape


linear settlement:

where a settlement occurs along either side of a road and looks like a long line


nucleated settlement:

circular in shape with the buildings mostly concentrated around a route centre


site def

the area of land actually covered by the buildings in a settlement


topographic map def

a detailed and quantitative representation of relief - the height and shape of the land, usually using contour lines


situation def

a description of a settlement on relation to the other settlements and physical features that surround it


settlement function def

the term given to the functions that take place in a settlemen.



the settlement in relation to the surrounding area, the size and functions of surrounding settlments, the presence of large physical features such as valleys and hills, and access to natural resources cuh as fertile soils, fuel, minerals and route ways.


main factors affecting growth and functions of settlement:

flat or gently sloping land
a good defence site
a wer point for water supply
dry point to avoid flooding
having building materials nearby
supply of fuel
fertile land
a sheltered site
good transport links


factors affecting growth of ports:

deep water estuary
deep water anchorage
a sheltered anchorage
access to important sea routes
a large hinterland
well developed communications


factors affecting growth of industy and factories

large river supplies water
cheap, flat land
near excellent transport toures, rivers, railways, air
nearby labour force


settlement hierachy def

a way of arranging settlements into rank order based upon their population or some other criteria


service hierachy def

settlements can be ranked according to the type of service they provide, such as in health care or education.


convenience goods def

goods that people need to buy perhaps two or three times a week such as water, vegetables, fruit, milk and newspapers.


sphere of influence def

the area surrounding a settlement that is affected by the settlement's activities.


factors that affect spheres of influence

number and type of services
transport facilities available to the settlement
level of competition from surrounding settlements


advantages of high order settlements over low order

larger range due to higher order services and comparison goods and better quality
offer more shops/wider variety/cheaper prices


c1: transport in bristol

bristol bus station


c1: services in bristol

it;s multiuse, so education (BGS,QEH), entertainment (Hippodrome) and healthcare (southmead)


c1: shopping in bristol

cabot circus has 120 shops. st nicohlas market. VERY wide range of supermarkets


c2: settlement provision in a high order settlement, bristol

bristol pop: 536,000
bristol shops: topshop, trek bicycle
bristol schools: BGS, QEH
bristol healthcare: BRI, southmead
bristol university
bristol sports grounds: BGS, clifton colllege
bristol transport: bristol TM, bus station


c2: settlement provision in a medium order settlement, nailsea

nailsea pop: 15,630
nailsea shops: new look, costa, pets corner
nailsea schools: nailsea school
nailsea healthcare: tower house medical centre
nailsea transport: nailsea and backwell train station, first bus
nailsea sports grounds: the grove sports centre


c3: settlement provision in a low order settlement, chew magna

chew magna pop: 1160
chew magna shops: radstock co-op, post office
chew magna schools: chew valley school
chew magna sports grounds chew valley leisure centre
chew magna transport: bus 672


a typical CBD will have these features

high cost of land
high rise buildings
few houses/residences
a lack of open space
a transport focus


CBD def

the main commercial and shopping area of a town or city


inequality def

the extreme differences that exist within many urban areas in poverty and wealth, access to employment opportunities or access to services such as healthcare and housing provision


rural-urban fringe def

where the urban area meets the rural countryside at the edge of a town or city


examples of reurbanisation

pedestrian zones
redevelopments on brownfield sites


social adv to improved housing over new flats

high est. community spirit
people cannot afford to move to a costly new house
area will already have convienent services
cheaper option for the lcoal gov
helps to restrict the outward expanion
minimises disruptuion


regeneration scheme def

the use of public money to reverse the decline of a city or town by improving both the physical structure and the economy of those areas by encouraging private investment