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What is a cardiac portable telemetry?

- Mobile continuous ECG recording
- Externally attached ECG dots
- ECG relayed to monitor at nursing station and/or bedside monitor


What are ostomys and somas?

- Surgically created openings from internal organs to skin
- Allows excretion of faecal matter bypassing lower GI tract
- Attached to drainage bags


What are wound drains?

- Passive bags that drain fluid/blood without suction


What is important to remember about wound drains?

- Identify every drain
- Keep below incision site if possible
- Can be hung off walking frames if safe
- Patients may be able to carry small bags


What are TED stockings?

- Anti-embolism compression devices
- Routinely used post surgery
- Hole at toe end


What should you do to avoid a patient slipping in TED stockings?

- Slippers
- Roll up so at least ball of foot is exposed


What is the function of mechanical/sequential calf compressors?

- Inflation/deflation of balloons around calves
- Anti-embolism
- Attached with velcro, easily removed